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  1. sevec

    Device Bricked?

    Had some problems with fastboot both on booting the phone in fastboot mode and with the drivers but once I figured them out everything worked out fine.
  2. sevec

    Device Bricked?

    The phone had android 2.1 installed. Why does it have a different compination to fastboot? I didn't find this compination anywhere. I saw somewhere mentioning Call+Vol Up+Power and started testing compinations until I found that.
  3. sevec

    Device Bricked?

    despite adb not working fastboot erase userdata seems to have worked. (It was taking a long time and didn't know if it was doing anything and I interrupted it) but after that and fastboot reboot the phone booted normally (all userdata were removed)
  4. sevec

    Device Bricked?

    After enabling USB 2.0 in Virtualbox it looks like the driver is working fine from the device manager "Fastboot interface (Google USB ID)" but "adb reboot" gives me: "error: device not found"
  5. sevec

    Device Bricked?

    It looks like the device gets into fastboot mode with Call+Vol Down+Power. I am having problem with the drivers. The drivers Install but I get a "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" error. I am using Windows 7 inside Virtualbox so that could be the problem. Is there support for doing it in linux?
  6. ZTE Racer with the stock firmware. I don't know if it is gen1 or gen2. It has stopped booting. The android logo comes on and then the zte logo keeps repeating. When started with Vol+ the same thing happens. It doesn't enter fastboot mode. Started with Vol- A white screen apears writing FTM but it doesn't respond to anything there. I don't know what led it to this state. So...?

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