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  1. Yep as I thought. TouchWiz worked fine however when switched it just hangs at the GT-I9505 screen. No vibrates, no restarts just sits there. STILL waiting for hotfile EDIT: Also TWRP is hanging after switch too
  2. No not seen that yet. Hotfile (I HATE that thing) is doing its usual tricks cancelling download then having to wait 30 mins to try again so I refashed TWRP. an left it on TeamWin page for what seemed ages. It finally let me in so Wiped Data / Factory Reset -> Reflashed Part 1, 2 and Root and I have got back in! Dont know for how long though!
  3. I am having troubles too. Phone had been working and had performed one successful switch to GPe, as it was 1am left it on that overnight however when woken up this morning found it hanging on boot screen (no loops) and will not boot into TWRP just sits at Teamwin splash screen. Only thing i didnt do is flash the odin software first as I had the same software Going to DL the odin package and start from scratch. Wish me luck!
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