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  1. aamiel

    MoDaCo Mobile Week ON AIR 1 (and 2 coming up)

    I'd like to win the Google play gift card. I have eaten so many Kitkats and still don't have one...
  2. aamiel

    Win a Google Chromecast!

    Too bad I don't do Twitter or follow the podcast... Anyway, any idea when those will be widely available in the UK?
  3. Hoping for a Nexus 5 in the next couple of months. Waiting for H3ROS ROM in the mean time.
  4. aamiel

    What rom to choose

    If you go for a CM7 based ROM your compass will stop working. Not sure if it is important to you. It is to me and I keep going back to H3Blues
  5. aamiel

    What's the "best" Gingerbread ROM?

    When using GB, I only use stock based ROMs as others have the magnetometer, which is important to me, all over the place. But yes I love the CM theme engine.
  6. Would love to clear the dust as well. I saw someone recommending vacuum cleaner in the corner where the dust gets in. Didn't work for me
  7. Thanks for all recommendations, nothing worked so fresh install yesterday. Now all fine
  8. I do have the latest APK and it used to work until a few days ago. Now it gets stuck but does not error, just stays at for instance '27s remaining' I may need to do a clean install but would like to avoid.
  9. For the last few days, when I want to download something from the play store, unless it is a very small app, the download seem to get stuck somewhere in the middle and never completes. I am on PA2 using the latest play store app. Anyone with the same problem? And more importantly, anyone with a solution? Thanks
  10. Search the PA2 thread. I posted a solution
  11. aamiel

    2 GB internal memory

    Correct but you can install from backup.
  12. I think it has got to do with how CM deals with the compass and accelerometers. And then I guess all newer ROM use that.
  13. Just to try, I flashed gapps-addon-JZO54K-Picasa-Sync.zip from the link and I now have my Picasa and Google+ pictures in the gallery. An other thing I was missing from gingerbread ROMs! (I now need to get skymap to work somehow...) Just noticed that videos recorded in this ROM will not only not show thumbnails but will not play either once this is flashed. But at least I get all my photos

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