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  1. My HTC one x, my family, my friends, all Russians and I celebrating the Victory Day!!! My congratulations.
  2. why on S001.1RC doesn't work restore with titanium backup? It restore all my apps, but i didn't see any of this app in programms... what may be a problem?
  3. I have this problem since rom s106b and some users has it too...wipe all caches doesn't help.
  4. I get FC when i recieve sms and screen is on. If screen is off it's ok... Anybody have this bug?
  5. i can't pass the lockscreen too... i'm try to install bricked kernel v 1.4. It works)
  6. First bug, that appears thince 008b, mms doesn't download. Error on download it. What can be a problem?
  7. Trip, thank's for your work. I have been used your rom's thince s003b and every week it comes better. Sorry for my bad English. P.s. if i find bug i will post it here.
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