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  1. Anyone out there own one of these devices and experienced the same issue?
  2. Device Name: O2 XDA Graphite - Asus Jupiter Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM type: Default ROM Device Name: Cingular 2125 - HTC Faraday Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6 ROM type: Custom ROM
  3. I have tried the regedit trick and even a few Tweak apps to get my Graphite to store deleted sms messages in the deleted items folder, but they keep disappearing. Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?
  4. I did it last year...sorry for the blurry photo, but as you can see it works fine.
  5. I use the Motorola HT 820 with zero problems. I does all of the things you asked, and once I did the firmware upgrade to the headphones, it worked flawlessly. Check out: HT820 firmware patch
  6. Yes, it possible. I did it. There is a thread on this somewhere but I cant seem to find it at the moment. fluffcat1 gave a lot of good advice on doing this. I like the form factor of the 2125 better, so I did the motherboard switch. BTW, I also transfered the screen with the motherboard.
  7. I installed the entire motherboard and screen assembly from my SDA (usa) into my 2125, and now I have a 2125 with WiFi. It fits with zero modification. Not sure about your specific problem though.
  8. Weird thing is, on my 2125 it only allows 7 accounts including MMS and text messages. I wonder if there is a workaround for that limitation?
  9. 1. In Settings/Connections, the comm manager, and wireless manager link to the same application. Is that right? I thought they were two diffferent apps, like on my O2 Atom Exec? 2. Is there any way to use the front facing camera without making a video call? (I did a search but could not find the answer to this)
  10. Does NOT do this on my Dopod 838 Pro serial ht631 bought this week.
  11. Search Google for Woize, Barablu, Viovo, Mobiboo, and some have gotten Skype to work, but it's been unreliable for me.
  12. Update, just transfered the T-Mobile SDA (usa) motherboard into the Cingular 2125. It fits perfectly. Only thing I had to remove was the "soft cushion pad" under the keypad, as it wouldn't fit to allow the housing. Why Orange or any other company doesn't put this WiFi motherboard into the Farady is beyond my grasp.
  13. You can do it by using SP Studio (freeware) on both devices. Read HERE and Also HERE
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