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    LG Optimus 2x SU660
  1. ebalmeo

    LG 2X (SU660) source code online

    how to use this source code?
  2. Don't work for me: C:\tools>install-clockworkmod-windows.bat C:\tools>adb-windows push psneuter /data/local/psneuter 1751 KB/s (557962 bytes in 0.311s) C:\tools>adb-windows shell /data/local/psneuter /data/local/psneuter: permission denied C:\tools>adb-windows wait-for-device C:\tools>adb-windows push clockworkmod.img /data/local/ 1926 KB/s (4444160 bytes in 2.253s) C:\tools>adb-windows shell dd if=/data/local/clockworkmod.img of=/ lk0p7 /dev/block/mmcblk0p7: cannot open for write: Permission denied my phone is LG 2X SU660
  3. ebalmeo

    Help me with LG 2x SU660

    i have problem with my LG 2X SU660 it have GB V20F i cant root my phone, i just install CWM using nvflash and download the SU.ZIP here is the problem: "external CWM-based recovery v4.0.1.5 -- installing: /sdcard/su.zip finding update package... opening update package... installing update... E:error in /sdcard/su.zip (status 0) installation aborted." what should i do

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