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  1. Flashed ! I don't see change but it's my wife's phone and I don't use it more. But it don't resolve my first problem : the phone continue to loose 2g. I think I return it by Huawei for warranty. Thanks a lot to all ;)
  2. No, I don't yet :blush: I flash it this evening and I come back for feedback :)
  3. I have not flashed this second zip. Can I flash it now, or I loose all my config ?
  4. And you think CM10 or CM10.1 is faster than CM11.1 ? Can you provide me a link please ?
  5. Oops, I don't flashed it. You talk about this ? And flash this also to be secure from "Weak SD Slowdown :lol: " https://docs.google....nJFME0zR00/edit What is this script ? Thank you :)
  6. Hi, All is ok... but this ROM is slower than B199 FusionX :( Is there a faster ROM? Thank you ;)
  7. SH3H1, you're very nice ! I'll try this evening and I come back for give a feedback. Thank you !
  8. Ok, tank you. I'll try what you propose. I don't know TWRP. Can you tel me which mode I must select for install zip file ?
  9. Yes, it is Y300 (not G530) buy in France. And for TWRP, I just must flash it like a ROM from CWM ? (Google picture) It's a pity that I can not use CWM.... Thanks :)
  10. Thank you again for your quick answer ;) I've already install CWM... is it a problem ? You think the ROM will crashed (or with bugs) when I install it ?
  11. Thank you SH3H1 for your reply. Ok, i'll try it but I need a little help (I'm not stupid, I learn fast ;) ) Actually, the ROM is FusionX [b199] (B199 is the Kernel number ?). Do I just make wipe's and flash the ROM with CWM Recovery ? In the download link .zip- I find a zip file -> AOSP_MOD_(22072014).zip (content 1 file and 4 folders). Thanks ;)
  12. Hi, (sorry for my bad english). I've installed the ROM ([b199] FusionX into my wife's phone. It was good but slow growing and the phone lost often 2g. I had make a backup after first install and I restore it but the problem is the same. After change SIM card, always the same problem. Now, I want to install another ROM but I don't need the last new Androïd system ! I only want the faster ROM. Can you help me ? Thanks a lot ;)
  13. Hi, Thanks a lot for this great ROM ! But I've a problem... I think default SD (sd0) is internal phone memory ->1Go If I put external SD, the default name of this card is SD1. Correct ? The problem is the system think SD0 is like an external memory and some programs don't correctly work (example : TomTom). How to define SD1 (real external memory) is principal SD ? Can you help me ? Thank you ! EDIT : RESOLVED ! I've make a new full install, but before format all SD with CWM.
  14. Hi all, Thank you jventura for this update ! I've two questions (and sorry for my bad english !): Important : I don't yet update my phone. It is under 27/01/2013 version. 1. Is it possible since this update for customise the "power off" menu ? I want remove some propositions - Screenshot - Reboot - Fly mode - Silent mode - recovery - bootloader 2. The proximity sensor calibration don't work. How can I make it ? Thanks ;)
  15. Thanks omegavesko... :( I don't like Gmal v.2.3.x ! Is existing an alternative to Gmail ? Thank you ;)
  16. Hi, After many test, I prefer return temporarly to GB 2.3.7 (Eco CM7). But I don't like Gmail 2.3.x... When I install Gmail 4.x.x APK, Androïd doesn't accept (conflict version). Is it possible to force install via Recovery ( ? If yes, how can I do ? Sorry for my bad english and good day to all ;)
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