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  1. hey eduardo, how about voice calling? modem support calling right? :P
  2. no sh1t. congrats both of you :) edit: Ops spoken too soon. Well good try
  3. @cass & eduardo Putting the ppp thingy aside, in our ICS build, was it built using LTE based network or GSM? because, if it was GSM, the messaging apps MMS.apk should be able to send out sms and receive call. I did not manage to send out sms even when i got the tablet to register to network. I dont know if i read correctly but i read somewhere that the RILD binary have 2 different version. one for LTE and one for GSM. From the log also, i see some LTE logs being recorded.
  4. thank you Cass! was looking at the logs and found out ppp was not initiated. looking forward for the ppp support!
  5. hi, me again, can you guys check something about the PPP. i ran the command pppd ttyUSB2 and it gives back, "This system lacks kernel support for PPP. This could be because the PPP kernel module could not be loaded, or because PPP was not included in kernel configuration. If PPP was included as a module, try 'sbin/modprobe -v ppp'.... " I suspect that PPP was not run to initiate the connection. I've read somewhere that rild will call pppd to make data connection..
  6. hi cass & eduardo, i manage to put in the required line, and still no luck. have these lines in logcat -b radio. seems like some lte issues. i dont know. D/RILJ ( 351): [0235]> SIGNAL_STRENGTH D/RIL ( 107): on_request: SIGNAL_STRENGTH, sState:4 D/RIL ( 107): AT> AT+CSQ D/RIL ( 107): AT< +CSQ: 7,99 D/RIL ( 107): AT< OK E/RILC ( 107): invalid response length D/RIL ( 107): onRequest: SIGNAL_STRENGTH, Local implementation, AT cmd sen t D/RILJ ( 351): [0235]< SIGNAL_STRENGTH error: com.android.internal.telephony .CommandException: INVALID_RESPONSE D/RILB ( 351): getLteOnCdmaMode=0 curVal=-1 product_type='' lteOnCdmaProduct Type='' D/RILB ( 351): getLteOnCdmaMode=0 curVal=-1 product_type='' lteOnCdmaProduct Type=''
  7. somehow it does not work on VC. i applied the patch eduardo had supplied.. don't know what i did wrong
  8. will it support all of vega's feature, e.g. 3g, GPS, wifi+bluetooth @ the same time? now im excited :D
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