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  1. First, you have to make sure whether your phone chinese versions or not. Chinese version here refers to the capacity of ram, 256 mb. Go check Memory Info in About menu, if the total is 168 then you have chinese. Second, the md5 is for image.bin not the zip file. Third, put the image.bin to /sdcard/image/ NOT /sdcard/
  2. OK I'll try to make a 2 mb cache version based on that image. EDIT: try THIS. md5: 4eff8c688c9fd074b54450cd1f8c1267 Are you absolutely sure have a Chinese version?
  3. That TPT image is for zte v880/chinese blade and the same as the one posted in your thread. Actually that TPT images posted are from my thread in another forum. These are some info about that TPT images. - I've been using all images without problems. - some users reported having problems with cellular signal reception (stuck on airplane mode) and have to deal with debricking stuff. So don't use this TPT image if you unsure of what you're doing! But having once done debricking, you do not need to do it again to use another image. - to use that TPT image just put the image.bin to /sdcard/image/, power off phone, and press "POWER" + "MENU" + "VOL+" - error message at the TPT process (80%-90%) is normal, just ignore it. - Flash your rom with CWM as usual - check your partition layout with terminal emulator: df -h Btw here it is TPT image with 160 mb system and 2 mb cache: - 2 mb cache, 160 mb system, 278 mb data, 0 mb oem - based on v880 official froyo b25 - CWM-based sideload (thanks to KonstaT) - md5: 9b801a2a7f6bbd640905d50005b1192a - http://www.mediafire.com/?282nn3vvexn80c6
  4. layout: 160mb system, 222mb data, 37mb cache recovery: CWM Size: 16 mb http://www.mediafire...8khfoutdd8drld9 The usual disclaimer applies :) If you want 2mb cache layout, wait till tomorrow. I hope I have time to make it.
  5. Big thanks to the dev(s) for this great ROM. This is the best GB+ ROM for my V880. Stable and no random reboot at all. For V880 user, this is my config: - 160 mb partition - 652 mhz cpu - Smartassv2 gov - noop i/o sched - zram 50% - KSM enabled - Allow purging of assets - .5x animation scale
  6. Maybe his framework commits can explain the difference. Right b3rvirus?
  7. Maybe you guys already know about factory-reset bug on most of samsung with touchwizUi. This bug also exist on htc one x and motorolla defy (with cm7). So I try to check that bug to my rom (cm7 based) and sadly they are exist. To check, open http://dylanreeve.com/phone.php with your android device. If your dialer show your IMEI then your rom is vulnerable. Temporary solution: install another dialer like dialer one from market. bug detail HERE
  8. Not from ZTE Indonesia. He got that from Indonesian ZTE Blade Group on Facebook. donate him Blade with 256mb ram (the type that out in Indonesia besides N880 CDMA 512mb ram)
  9. Flashing over burgerz cm7 on v880. Cwm say its completed, reboot, but the kernel not updated. Md5 please.. EDIT: Redownlod with same md5 result. Flashing with RA-CM with signature verification enabled, and get this error message: missing file: kernel-gen1/mkbootimg. My blade was v880 sold with gen2 froyo.
  10. If you mean flashable zip, no, I don't have it. Just use TPT method.
  11. As far as i know, In Hiapk android forum Libraginger been updated to release 4 on October 20. I can not give the link here because Burstlam must have had his own reasons why not share it here.
  12. Problem fixed for me by UPGRADING Titanium to version 4.7.2 :D
  13. I have this in MMHMP RL8. Settings > ROM Settings > Power Widget Buttons > Brightness modes: Auto/Dim/25%1$/50%2$/7...
  14. Try to ignore that error message and boot as usual.
  15. Here is the Official Site (Tapas?) Official Forum XDA Thread (Samsung Nexus S Sub Forum) Yesterday i have flashed this rom, but get problem with superuser. Can't get root access and can't update su binary. And yes, this rom is not smooth enough..

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