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  1. I'm using latest version of gravity box on 4.4 and never found such issue.
  2. Will you explain it, running.bat at first isn't working for me!
  3. Theme doesn't changes the status bar, dialer and settings panel.
  4. I actually followed the videos and do whatever the geek in the video did. Part 1: Part2:
  5. Hmm.. Btw I believe that this supercharge thing would be more beneficial in case of a lighter/smoother ROM as compared to this ROM though I haven't tested it yet.
  6. Wow, amazing speed :wub: (experiencing atleast 40% of speed improvement) though it was a very painful hectic task, seriously. But no worries since no pain,no gain. And good thing is that eventually it paid off. Thanks for the help Fizziebaunz. :) And if you don't mind what are the best options that worked best for you?
  7. I'm already there, thanks anyway :) . Have you tried it personally on this ROM or you are claiming this on the basis of reviews of v6 Supercharger script?
  8. v6 Supercharger script !! Sounds cool. And what about a link that leads me to this mysterious thing? Please!
  9. Looks like this ROM is getting lot of positive response. Can any one tell me how is the "performance" of this ROM as compared to CM7? Just anyone, please?
  10. Wow :o , excellent ROM! If you can make it look alike Jellybean, then you will definitely make a lot of people happy. Here's a thread that can help you- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2003484
  11. Haven't tried this lucrative ROM yet. Any one can say some word on performance, is it smooth or "so-so"? Please! :)
  12. There is a minor issue with wifi , at least in my case. I'm sitting a meter away from my wifi router and the wifi signal is still not full. And when I went to my Room (5-6 meter away) it doesn't show up any signal ..not a single "blue curve" on wifi sign on status bar though I'm still able to use internet on my blade. There's nothing wrong with the router, my all other devices are receiving signal as usual.
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