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  1. Chris Nicol


    Good evening people :-) My Whatsapp license run out earlier in the week, anyone any wise as to extend this without paying for it again? Cheers.
  2. Chris Nicol

    [ROM] Mooke OS 1.10 S3/S4 + Dolby Mobile

    how did you get over the constant boot mode?
  3. Chris Nicol

    [ROM] Mooke OS 1.10 S3/S4 + Dolby Mobile

    hi guys, I installed this ROM earlier on today and it just constantly rebooted the Android dude over an over. Gave it a fresh install etc and followed all the steps. Any idea why this has happened? Really love the look of it as well :(
  4. Chris Nicol

    MIUI WiFi Tether problem...

    yeah already done that Hugo and still no joy, I really like this ROM, hence why I'm on here for help or a solution.
  5. Ok, I've installed all the MIUI Roms I could find and none of there WiFi tether will work but others will work on other Roms, I find that weird! Is there a way I could maybe change the WiFi tether system app in the Rom before installing it onto my Skate again? It's becoming rather frustrating at the moment!
  6. Chris Nicol

    Auto rotate

    thanks for the reply mate, yeah I've tried the reboot etc, it will force rotate on certain games I play but that is all, it's weird :(
  7. Chris Nicol

    Auto rotate

    Anyone else experiencing problems with auto rotate with the custom ROMs? it's checked etc for it to work but it wont! Any ideas guys?
  8. hey guys, hope your all well? anyway, have a wee question....I'm looking for the best ROM for the Skate for playing games but needs to be stable also(had a few that are unstable etc) any help will be appreciated, cheers guys!
  9. I'm installing the MIUI ROM onto my SKate but need a wifi tether app/program, any ideas which is best? Cheers in advance guys :-)
  10. Chris Nicol

    Network problem...

    It's ok guys, I manage to sort it(i think) :)
  11. Chris Nicol

    Network problem...

    Hi again guys, got a ROM that I wanted for my Skate, installed etc no problem but everytime I rebooted it then it would resort to the Orange network yet there was no Orange SIM in the phone, only a 3 SIM. Any ideas what could be the problem? Cheers in advance.
  12. Chris Nicol

    Best ROM for me, I'm new too all this.....

    cheers guys, I tried that way Shaez but it is a complete pain in the ass to get right and download the right Apps etc(hassle I can be doing without!) Thanks though :)
  13. Chris Nicol

    Best ROM for me, I'm new too all this.....

    "Welcome to the forums. If your after an iPhonetype rom, then I would suggest one of the MIUI roms, there are three versions available gingerbread, ics and Jelly bean 4.1. I would recommend the ics version. Search the forums for miui v4." Cheers for the info mate, again I'm lost! Could you provide a link for the MIUI for the Skate for me please? Thanks again.
  14. Hey guys, as my title says I'm rather new too this and unsure as to what ROM is best for what the phone is needed or used for. I'm kinda looking for an iPhone kinda lookalike(and running - if possible?) type of ROM, not sure if it's possible but heyho! Any help would be appreciated guys :)
  15. Hi, I'm new too all this stuff and was wondering what the GAPPS was for and what it does? May be a stupid question to ask but I'm lost! Cheers!

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