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  1. KonstaT can you add this file to your next rls? it includes more points of access for countries like Moldova, Belarus, etc. This file from Burgerz's CM7 apns-conf.xml plz sorry for my English
  2. Hi. Who can help me, where can I find the code for Broadcast cell in this ROM? Sorry for my English
  3. KonstaT, I found a bug. USB charging is disabled, but the phone still charging. No charging animation, but the graph shows that the phone is charging and would be more comfortable if the usb charger has a widget as well as the phone does not fall asleep. On Rls-6 the battery was better, the phone itself does not wake up sorry for my english =)
  4. Russian translate is very bad And this is my russian translate values-ru.rar
  5. Hi. KonstaT , USB charging on/off is a good thing, but can You add a widget "on/off USB charge"Thx =)) Sorry for bad English
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