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  1. I second that. Bottom line: top work at zero cost - what to complain? In this great skate community we should be thankful to devs. I am :) Peace.
  2. Very cool C3C0. Amazing development going on here... and... so fast :) Congrats for the hard work and outcome. Jo
  3. I'm also interested :) Also noticed that when on AC charge, it takes too long to charge. Its identified as USB charger. I dont think its ok... is it? Someone noticed that also? Thanks
  4. Hi, I think theres another 'secret' about it - "I think" it wont work if the phone is on charge (AC or USB). Jo
  5. Hi Just tested with CFX2 ROM. Same OC frequency: Jo
  6. Great mate. Thanks Will try in the morning ;)
  7. Correct, Pleg, you got it. I use 19Nov release. Thanks again Jo
  8. Hey, here you have: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B6DlgYEz92twbTVuNWRtTEVrbzQ I've also noticed that when the phone is on charge, and if you have the battery icon has a circle with percentage, it doenst show the same as originally - you dont see the circle going around, when on charge. Do you think you can 'optimize' it? :) Thanks Jo
  9. Sure do mate. No problem, got that ;) I'm kinda busy atm.. Thanks.
  10. Morning mate, you dont find but I had it :) Thats the kind of thing that I use... I'll restore the previous backup, just to confirm. Just a few mins Jo
  11. Hi Plegdroid, I'm using this mod but, thanks for sharing. But after this install it doesnt show the right top button, in recent apps drawer, to dismiss all. I think it can only be because of this... Does it makes sense? But I can still see the same button in notifications drawer.. Do you think you can fix that? Thanks again. Jo

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