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  1. CM devs originally said it wouldn't be a problem, but more recently they've said it'll be a bit more difficult than they thought. (This is all coding though) That said...if CM9 works properly, and the device tree is complete, then CM10 shouldn't be an issue.
  2. I really need to get that pinned.
  3. AOKP is...more feature rich, for now. Better is alot more subjective. Amazing Devs either way.
  4. Added some teardown pics...descriptions to follow.
  5. Probably time I got off my arse and updated it too...much has happened.
  6. I did finally get around to disassembling the metal...I did take pictures. I'll post them up soonish.
  7. It surely won't brick your phone. Honestly, just grab one of the 4.000.13 roms from say Acer UK if you are thatworried.
  8. My metal homescreen looked basically the the same.
  9. Moving to SD card via the app menu won't actually do anything for you. You are actually better off moving everything to internal. You might want to try TI backup to do it, as moving apps to "internal" will actually place them on your ext partition.
  10. Whoa...stock launcher...crazy!
  11. You can always make your phone look like WP7 if that's what you want.
  12. Look for play store in your app list? (it has replaced the market app)
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