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  1. EmoBoiix3

    Can I pull boot.img from a unrooted phone?

    You can grab the boot.img from any firmware file you can download for the device.
  2. EmoBoiix3

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance (19070) headset volume

    Try downloading SamServMode in the Play Store.
  3. EmoBoiix3

    Well This Is Small...

    I wouldn't call this phone perfect.....
  4. Hello to anyone who would read this I'm a first-time poster here at MoDaCo, but I've been around XDA for a few months Forgive me if I've done anything wrong. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and with my 3 other teammates at XDA (one of them is known as Jekle around here) we managed to get a generic build of 2.3.7 working for the Galaxy Ace. However, we have encountered some problems, namely 3G/HSDPA, WiFi: - The signal bar is always full , regardless of environment - If data is enabled, the 3G sign just stays there and the arrows won't light up (which means no data) - Tried different APN settings and *#*#4636#*#* to no avail - WiFi needs a different wpa_suppliant.conf and a ar6000.ko, but unsure which to use The more important problem is the 3G/HSDPA issue however, if anyone has ideas please tell me what to do. Thanks a lot

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