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  1. Hey! unfortunately even for me pinch to zoom doesn't work and I'm using racerboy 224 v2 and idk why but menu,back and home button respond only to my nails lol the touch does not work properly wen my skin makes contact lol ...
  2. hey! nice rom thx it's classic :-P thx racerboy O:-)
  3. supercharger will b good but v can't play hard games instead try ram manager pro( Google it) it's better u will find huge difference
  4. the script works Im using it for a long time and it makes difference O:-)
  5. guys I seriously dunno what's this about if its about upgrading to Gen 2 plz help me I got dell xcd28 which is zte racer I wanna upgrade
  6. Hey root of your sd means in a folder of your sd card and not subfolder. placing it in your downloads folder is fine. I had similar problems when using androot. use 2.6.1 and just give this a try reboot close all apps with task manager then use androot (don't forget to unroot before reboot) then use recovery
  7. well lol if smeone gives a try then we can see lol... Also dealink said tht v gt 2gb
  8. I don't think it will work cause the above peeps talked abt the chip sets and other things being different...
  9. yup unfortunately :-[ hmm... well waiting for deadlink's updated kernel then... O:-)
  10. hiya! got a prob with the dual touch I can't actually use it... I downloaded assassins creed and I tried to move and jump but once both my fingers touch, the screen actually doesn't respond but pinch zoom works in browser how is it?
  11. hiya. yup ur right I experience tht prob many times it would b really nyc of racerboy if v can get back to a stable market O:-)
  12. woah huge leap in performance B-) just one question do u guys use supercharger script? does it work?
  13. I will give it a try max and min both 710?
  14. yup I'm using swap :-P the problem is even after killing apps I get Max 60s racerboy how much ram do u get? BTW if I don't have much space in my sd card( gt only 500mb) left will it affect the performance?
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