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  1. I actually installed your 1.4 version yesterday on my Gen1 Racer but hadn't got the time to test it very thoroughly. :) Some thoughts, though... - The dock bar often disappears, for whatever reason. - Using Google Maps for a few seconds didn't reboot the phone (used to happen A LOT on every 3D application, either it's fixed or maybe I just didn't stress it enough). - Compcache still doesn't work (used swap stays at 0 after enabling and rebooting). - I have to test if the selected wifi sleep policy is honoured (it wasn't on RacerBoy's versions, it always dropped the connection when the screen turned off even if "never" was selected). - The touch screen precision is God-awful, but I think it uses closed libraries, so there's nothing that can be done about it (hopefully I'm wrong :P). - Haptic feedback can be completely disabled with this kernel, yay! - The answer button doesn't work in CWM, must enable the back button and use the power button to select menu entries. That's mostly what I gathered after playing with it for five minutes. I didn't test GSM/UMTS connectivity, phone calls or SMS. Anyway, I must say this is looking really great. Thanks a lot for your work on a newer kernel for the ZTE Racer, it was sorely, sorely needed. :)
  2. Well, I know a thing or two about Linux, but Android is sufficiently customised to be a different beast on its own. :) I would expect such knobs to interact with some kind of user space library, the kernel having only a simple interface to start and stop the vibration motor (through, say, sysfs).
  3. Oh, sorry, I didn't answer you, plegdroid. Yes, same here, reducing the feedback to zero has no effect at all. :(
  4. Right, hence I suspect it's a (Vamshi's) kernel issue. :)
  5. That's the system shell. Removing it will most likely kill the whole system! :blink:
  6. I was. I installed Racerboy's ROM #257 followed by deadlink's kernel (since it was the only one with haptic feedback completely disabled). Now I installed Vamshi's new kernel build (#68) and I can't disable haptic feedback on the home, menu and return "buttons".
  7. The only scripts I have in /system/bin are backuptool.sh, modelid_cfg.sh and verify_cache_partition_size.sh. I'm inclined to believe this is a kernel issue.
  8. Well, mostly... Not being able to fully disable haptic feedback is a pet-peeve of mine... Not a killer, though. :P
  9. Suggestion: just get the TouchPal Keyboard (and the portuguese language pack), remove the standard Android keyboard and save yourself some frustration... ;)
  10. Well, being the same SoC, the Blade guys have it mostly working, except for the video decoder (which is still a major show stopper, for me, at least). Damn those closed source libraries and undocumented hardware... :(
  11. Bummer. :( Well, it will still be better than, though... I'd love to take a look at your .config, maybe something could be optimised (it's a single CPU, so disabling all SMP cruft and enabling CONFIG_TINY_RCU would be a performance win, and I don't know if cgroups are used for anything in Android). Also, have you tried enabling zram/compcache? It didn't work last time I tried (I know it does work on the ZTE Blade, with Linux
  12. This is fantastic news! 2.6.32 is so old it's not even funny... ;)
  13. I think this changeset says it all: http://review.cyanogenmod.com/10146 ;)
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