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  1. Thank you for keeping any development for this phone alive! Didn't expect to see Oreo at all!
  2. reedo_17

    Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    Anyone carried out a proper test to see if quick charge is working?
  3. reedo_17

    Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    People who do have the update. Hows performance and any big bugs? Or is it basically the same as 5.1.1
  4. reedo_17

    Software update

    Im pretty sure it was 01/01 before...
  5. What's the other base ROM this is now based on? :)
  6. Nice work! Nice to see some roms for the ultra 6. I know this is very early in development, but is there any chance of cm13/marshmallow ever on the ultra 6? :)
  7. reedo_17

    Vodafone Smart platinum 7 - thoughts?

    Looks decent, but with the Oneplus 3 out I'd probably go with that for the same price. 2k screen sounds nice though. Cannot see it having much official or non official support, especially as the smart ultra 6 has only just started getting some roms
  8. reedo_17

    Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Is this android 5.1.1?
  9. reedo_17

    What is the Screen time you get?

    He means how many hours of screen do you get, check in the battery stats. You'd be doing extremely well to have nearly 9hours screen on tine
  10. reedo_17

    Official UK 5.1.1 OTA now rolling out

    OTA came through today. Initial impressions seem likrna solid build. Also just thought has quick charge been Activated? :)
  11. reedo_17

    Official UK 5.1.1 OTA now rolling out

    Could you link the xda forum please? :)
  12. reedo_17

    Turkish official 5.1 available

    Great to see and hear. Any initial impressions of the update? eg how it is compared to 5.0.2
  13. reedo_17

    Lonespeaker Test ROM

    Has this rom been updated much lately? :) / any progress made
  14. I presume the 5.1 rom hasnt been put on ztes site yet
  15. reedo_17

    Huawei Y300 Gaming

    Presume fallout shelter doesnt work for anyone?

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