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  1. Hi, I didn't take his offer. Here it is: http://www.modaco.com/topic/355057-cracked-screen-vega-and-dock-for-sale-from-honeyice-dev/ I hope you want it :P Kind Regards, Areo
  2. Hi all, I came to say goodbye. I dropped my tablet a few days ago and the screen is now cracked. I justed wanted to say good job on this tablet. I hope you do well in the future. If youwant a spare tablet or dock, i have it on sale here on modaco. good luck to all of you. Kind Regards, Areo
  3. @ejtagle That is some great news. Coud you maybe upload the full kernel to github? And maybe upload a boot.img on modaco, I can make it work with vegaream thats why i ask. Also does this mean a fix for wifi in standby? And where have you been, we missed you :P Did you notice more improvements over the kernel we use now? Again great work. á
  4. 1. You won't learn anything from an app. And when it goes wrong and you don't know how it works, it will take you at least twice as long to fix it. 2.I post it like this so scanno can put it in his rom quick and easy and it will work out of the box without anymore bloatware. 3.It's free, the app you mention is not. Areo
  5. Another small problem I noticed in all VegaCream releases. Some games won't work (like all from gameloft). This is because some dev choose to publish their apps only for the big companies devices. To solve this, as we did in HoneyComb is to spoof our device. We are tricking the apps into thinking that our tablet is another tablet. I chose for example the eee pad transformer prime as it's the most up to date big company tablet. Spoofing is fairly easy. You just need to replace certain parts of the build.prop. For example: Replace the original lines with these to spoof as a eee pad transformer prime: ro.build.tags=release-keys ro.product.model=EPAD ro.product.device=Eeepad ro.product.manufacterer=asus ro.build.discription=US_epad-user 4.0.3 IML74K US_epad- release-keys ro.build.fingerprint=asus/US_epad/Eeepad:4.0.3/IML74K/US_epad- ro.build.characteristics=tablet save your build.prop, reboot and your done. Now you can endly enjoy gameloft games. I attached a edited build.prop, this one is up to date with latest vega cream rom. Kind Regards, Areo build.prop.zip
  6. Just installed the new kernel. Seems fine and the overclock problem is indeed fixed. Areo edit: Is there anybody who actually have time to fix the powermanagent system?
  7. Could you post the boot.img? Also could you post the commandline you are using? About powermanagement. I think this is the last mayor issue with ics for vega. Will this also fix the battery drain (compared to HoneyComb)? Eduardo, is there any chance you will be able to fix this soon? Kind Regards, Areo
  8. I don't think that is going to work. What you can do is what we did on HoneyIce. Alter settings.apk and put the extra option in it and let it reboot after that. That's way easier and maybe even better for the users. Because where can they select that they want to get 160dpi (I run it btw and I like it a lot more then 120)? Kind Regards, Areo Edit: About wifi, it seems to come back alive in about 5-6 seconds after sleep mode. This is only with a changed wpa_supplicant.conf. Edit2: Wifi now stays alive at sleep but is killed on wake up, then after 6-10 sec it comes back... Will pull a logcat Edit3: Ran out of time, here is the configured wpa_supplicant.conf, nothing special. It seem to help with short sleeps. You can also try ctrl_interface=eth0 I find it working better. The problem is that it is killed when it wakes up, but sometimes also when sleeping. Then it gives the well known out of reach statement. Well we are 1 tiny step closer to fixing it with a configured wpa_supplicant.conf Edit4: As the .conf is now ok in my opinion. I think the problem lies with the wpa_supplicant (/system/bin). Maybe we need to take a look at the source. Or is this all ok? It could also be ar6000.ko as I only thought about wpa_supplicant because the .conf wasn't configured.. wifi.zip
  9. You could try to set sdcard mounting before system mounting in the ramdisk but I doubt it will get the result you want. Kind Regards, Areo
  10. @scanno Nice work on VegaCream. Runs smooth. @all nice work on 3g Ok now back to business :P I am working on wifi, now it seems to kick in sometimes, sometimes not. I traced the problem to wpa_supplicant and wpa_supplicant.conf. Also I updated wpa_supplicant.conf as this was still an example... Kind Regards, Areo
  11. I had this problem with honeycomb once. Try this: Flash bootable (original compiled system.img) android on yiur tablet. Start adb Example: lib.sfs: shell rm -rf /system/lib.sfs shell rm -rf /system/lib shell mkdir /system/lib push /home/peter/lib.sfs /system Now you can see if it boots. If it doesn't then it's your squashed file. If it does use cwm to produce the system.img Kind Regards, Areo
  12. So if I understand correctly. When you finished updating the lunch target, we can compile it and it will boot right after it is compiled? That sure would be great news :). Areo
  13. Very nice :). My git username = AreoGit Also we can get the kernel updated on it ;). Kind Regards, Areo
  14. Android 4.0.4 compiled with the lunch Cass provided. Will try to get it boot (didn't tried it yet). I will post the fresh compiled android and maybe the bootable one tonight :). Any specific thing I need to add? @scanno: I already thought about making a git for the lunches and an updated kernel but didn't have the time for it yet. Maybe you can do it? Kind Regards, Areo Edit: My first attempt to make it boot failed (as I expected :P). I am now uploading the clean compiled android 4.0.4 (these do not include the nvidia drivers!). And I am uploading my first attempt. You guys are free to play with it ;). Links: clean: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x4ujjc first attempt: http://www.sendspace.com/file/awf8di Areo
  15. Compiling seems to go ok now with Cass lunch target. I forgot to include nvidia drivers for 4.0.4 but these can be added later right? Kind Regards, Areo
  16. Welcome back Cass! :). While brucelee666 is tring to compile with eduardo's lunch I will try the one Cass provided. Kind Regards, Areo Edit: Cass your lunch target won't even start compiling. It needs some tweaking, I do not have tme to look at it now, but it's something within the su folder.
  17. @brucelee666 I just passed the kernel problem. But do you think you can compile 4.0.4 correctly tonight? If yes could you post your updated lunch? So we can also have a go with it? And don't forgot a lot of parts have to be squashed before it works with our kernel. How to squash: Download squashfs from the download center (ubuntu) Then in terminal (for example lib) squashfs lib lib.sfs -always-use-fragments Also maybe smart to check for unneeded apps like nfc.apk etc. Also could you post compiled 4.0.4 when done? Thanks in advance :). @Eduardo I thought I already thanked you for the lunch target but thanks again. A long time ago I read on this thread you were talking about a 3.0 kernel. Is it correct that we are still on 2.9? Will it help us to move to 3.0? Or are there big issues? And do you have enough time to bother with kernel development. Because you are our biggest source of fixes :P. Or should I be less enthousiastic with asking so many questions But to continue with annoying questions: I read that you fixed wifi, could you post the fix? What's your biggest priority for tablet development right now? I don't know what you are doing behind the scenes but in my humble opinion I think developing had it's low point for a few weeks. Can we expect a lot of fixes soon? Can we help instead of asking so many questions?:P Thanks for all your work on this tablet :). It woudn't be half as good without you! Just needed that off my mind, hope you don't mind. Kind Regards, Areo
  18. I will take a look later tonight. I did notice that Cass used the ventana lunch...I don't know if he made any adjustments but he did not use the shuttle lunch. Maybe we can get some settings of the ventana lunch? Areo
  19. It just doesn't want to compile. Log Ubuntu 10.04.4: http://pastebin.com/MCjZQK1z Log Ubuntu 11.04: http://pastebin.com/m3mrNEjL And this is what I get on 11.04 when I use gcc 4.4: http://pastebin.com/hD2QXf3q I tried Java JDK 6, Open JDK 6. Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS, Ubuntu 11.04. Tried it on 2 pc's. Could it be something in the luch? I hope we can solve this soon, because then we endly have android 4.0.4. Btw I got the 4.0.4 nvidia drivers but not sure where to put them exactly. I am thinking about putting them in lib when compiling is done. Kind Regards, Areo
  20. well guys, android 4.0.4 is now compiling ;) Areo
  21. I am not a fan of CM (altough I do like the bootanimation of CM9). But maybe there are some people. You can give it a shot compiling it with the shuttle lunch target Eduardo provided. I am still trying to pull the android 4.0.4 source... To Eduardo: Could you post your compiled wifi fix? Is it just libs (ar6000.ko etc.) or also changes in the kernel? Kind Regards, Areo
  22. I already tried a hundred times but it won't even start :( well I keep trying. Ok, will look at the libs later, first I need to download this thing and compile it. Maybe you can compile it today? The lunch target is posted and you already have the source while scanno and myself still need to download the source. Kind Regards, Areo edit: I hope the new graphic libs from nvidia fix our video lag and our flash lag (full screen mode).
  23. Seems we have to wait. I will try later tonight again. Also do we need all the libs from vegaics? Kind Regards, Areo
  24. Strange... I get errors when I want to get the android 4.0.4 source: http://pastebin.com/R1pfwrxg Google isn't much of a help on this one either. Got any ideas? Areo
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