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  1. I have a bit strange question....does this rom has a 3g only mode? Just that my 3g network isnt very good but literally 100 times faster then 2g...and it automatically switching to 2g bcuz it has stronger signal...is it possible to be in wcdma only on this rom,cuz cm9 cant do that(( thx in advance :)
  2. targetspb, he lost root access he cant go in cwm afaik)) just my opinion tho
  3. Browser fc when I try to upload a pic from my phone....last saw that in gsf....
  4. Ok he tried but phone wouldnt go in dl mode(led not flashing) and still pc not seeing it... tpt not working either he tried few times... But if he gets led working for few seconds its not fully dead,right?
  5. Get a card reader or device that supports ur sd...then download a TPT file unzip in /sd and put sd in ur blade back(there must be folder called image) then power up holding vol up+menu wait till green txt finishes his thing then boot into recovery and flash rom u want to flash(u can find TPT with integrated rom in it)
  6. I once broke the stasusbar.process i flashed statusbar tweak i wanted to try the power widget on rom that hasn't had one:p had to look or statusbar zip to restore took a while lol But when i booted it said the process statusbar has stopped unexpectedly etc. and no statusbar appeared till i restored it by flashing that zip through cwm
  7. Umm in cm u can hide the statusbar by checking box "hide statusbar" Guess i understand it wrong way or something)))
  8. Sorry for beeing noobish lol...but will it fit in 142mb partition?) Just that cm +gapps is pretty much all i can get on my wbaw gen2
  9. first downgrade to Gen1 look for topic gen2 to gen1(or gen1 to gen2 TPT) ..download zip unzip it..image folder to sd card... turn blade off,then power up holding volup+menu...green text should start running wait till it completes.then download a Gen1 rom.flash in cwm.Then download stock rom for ur osf and unzip to sd root(first delete previous image folder) then turn phone off run tpt and u back to stock)
  10. And if u have clockworkmod just remove battery and plug a charger in it autoboot in clockworkmod if u flash new rom dont forget to put your battery back or it won't boot:)) (did that once:p)
  11. But i completed galaxy on fire with implement not a single reboot...sorry for offtopic but cm reboots my blade when im playing games especially hd ones...what gives??(
  12. Lol i wish i had two blades:p Jokes aside...it is louder but then again i gotta try the authentic mcfs to hear that real dolby...this broken bluetooth creeps me out i use it quite offten to share files...
  13. Me? No just read MCSF post little below it aint fixed dude made his mod original post on androidforums is in Polish so i couldnt understand what is new in his next rls:p but afaik implement carlo two is stable fast and a lot louder sound...
  14. Hey Sami) have u tried implement carlo two? Bluetooth works there i used it for a week or so... It has dolby and antutu gave me 1641 points but i went back to cm nightlies)) just cant be without native screenshots and theme chooser and all the cm goodies))) Cm scores 1420 on antutu and reboots when i use gallery and play hd games(not very offten though) Implement carlo two have replaced files from gsf(thats how bluetooth got fixed) and hasn't got a single reboot with it also
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