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  1. Recently, I bought on eBay a cheap charger produced in China. It cost me £14.04 included "free" shipping from Hong Kong. I am very pleased with it. So far, this is the only wireless charger that has been able to charge the battery through my rubber case and stuck to it metal plate used for magnetic holder.
  2. As far I love my Skate, the word "stuck" is quite accurate here :P BTW: A current shipping status on a new order is : "Ships in 6 - 7 weeks.". Proper joke :/
  3. Congrats ! :) Only change in my order is: the google allow me to order another one :) I'm still waiting for first one... 4-5 weeks :/ Hope to get it quicker.
  4. It can be ordered just now : https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_4_16gb
  5. This is well know problem with unlock procedure. Read this : http://www.modaco.com/topic/348492-tutorial-get-your-mac-address-if-you-already-unlocked-now-up/
  6. Do you use some "national specified" characters ? For me, is enough to use one of Polish characters like : 'ą', 'ę', 'ó' etc. to cut size of single message from 160 to 69 characters :/
  7. Can you read IMEI with *#06* code ? It is match with those on a label under battery ?
  8. All I can get on o2 network (BTW : a carrier of GiffGaff) : Where is my bloody 7.2 Mbps ???
  9. BTW: Brilliant game : CORDY is for free now on. Holiday Sale.
  10. Yes. It can help you to do it. Just read carefully this tread : Tutorial - Get your MAC Address if you already unlocked - NOW UP! The tool can be use to avoid mess around with hex editors etc. . It will set MAC address instead.
  11. Also, the battery live (sic!) seams to be better for Skate .
  12. Take a look here : compare Skate and Crescent .
  13. No. I'm not. Original USB cable I'm use to charge at home. In my car I use Blackberry USB cable.
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