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  1. I agree :-) It's nice to have the latest build available to flash on your phone, but I much more prefer stability and functionality, than being on the latest first. Take your time Tilal... I'm sure you'll release smth new when it's done.
  2. Changed it :) I'll let you know if it happens again or not. That could probably give issues yeah, but the wallpaper is either a static one, or just a black background so it must be smth else.
  3. Does anyone else have freezes/reboots? It's happened before on older roms I had running on the skate, but then that kinda stopped doing that, now it's back and can be kinda annoying. I did a total wipe before flashing the rom and gapps, so should've done it right. Also - just to get an idea - do you think this ColdfusionX 3 is a better choice than the older Gingerbread roms for speed and stability? (features aside)
  4. I tried the stock camera app and the Camera Zoom FX app but flash is not working... also the flashlight doesn't work. Anyone else ? :s
  5. Thnx guys, I'll use swype instead yeah. I read through all the pages of this Rom release, so I'm up to speed ;-) One more question though... is it possible to have the latest google now ? Play store says there is an update available, but I can't install it due to incompat. device. Or it this also limited to armv7 lib?
  6. thnx, will it be included in this rom later on ? Or can I fix it by using other gapps? btw, camera works (it's taking pictures) but it's slow on refreshing live image before you make a shot... also have this ?
  7. Hey guys, Does the standard swiping keyboard work for anyone ? I have the option enabled, but it doesn't seem to be working. :(
  8. What impact does a bigger size cache partition have ? Some people say 2, some 5, 20, 35 etc.. Performance, downloading apps, anything else ?
  9. Thnx for the feedback! I'll check the gpu rendering, and maybe try that S3 Kernel etc.. About the Link2SD. Isn't that the same as moving apps to SD card which you can do from the getgo in ICS ?
  10. Hey all, I'm wondering what to do with my gf's zte skate. I flashed CFX on it a while ago and although it's 'workable', there are still enough problems. Regularly, apps like facebook, gmail etc don't show content, or they do but when scrolling down to read more, it's blank. Also, if phone hasn't been turned off at night for charging, it locks up easily the morning after. Rom updates haven't been done, as the syspartition is at 210mb now, prob. not enough. But making the syspart. bigger is less space for internal apps :(. So, if you're running this rom too, and you don't have any issues at all.. how is it configged ? Any ideas to get improvements ?
  11. Today the following thing happened: Phone got quite warm... Suddenly did not react, after turning screen off and on, only had black screen (backlight on but nothing on screen). After taking battery out and trying to boot it up a few times, it now works again. I'm wondering... Is this cpu clock related? (now smartgov v2 and max cpu freq 864mhz). Swap part. Is only 5 mb, does this affect performance in any way ? ( had it on 35 before)... Also, although i'm not sure this has only been the case recently, the phone's vibration is very weak... Any way to tweak this? Maybe some things others have experienced too ? All help welcome :)
  12. Just a quick question: Anyone changed options of the performance menu in this ROM and had improved performance without it being unstable or anything ? (cpu freq., ram settings etc) Thnx for the feedback! Fire
  13. Thnx for the replies! :-) I worked fine indeed, tpt layout changed, rom installed and everything seems to be working fine :) Cheers!
  14. Hey folks, I tried to repartition my zte skate from 200/35/205 (option 2a) I had before to 210/5/225 custom layout, but when checking the image dir, I always get 2 out of 4 failed. It worked before with the layout downloaded in this forum. I updated CWM Recovery to version 5smth and it's working fine. Any ideas what I can do to get it right ? Thnx! Firewalker
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