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  1. hydo1

    Google Now/Picasa help?

    The okay Google feature only seems to work if Google now's language is set to English US. You can keep the system language as English UK though. I have no ideas about dolphin browser though.
  2. hydo1

    Nexus 5 delivered today!

    Got my 32gb black one yesterday. My uni held it for 3 hours before they would let me collect it from the parcels desk. Those 3 hours dragged so bad because I knew from parcel force that it had been delivered.
  3. The Note II is a little too large

  4. This may not actually be a fault with the battery, it could be a problem with the ROM. I would suggest that you re-download it then flash it again. If you still get the problem then install a different ROM. If it still persists then it is almost certainly a battery fault, these are available on eBay. Please post back here with results
  5. hydo1

    Frequent rebooting

    The main reason that the blade is rebooting now is because it is getting a little old now so driver support is limited but also some games/apps that are intensive will cause the phone to force reboot. You will be experiencing more force reboots on ICS and JB roms because they are still not yet stable.
  6. That is probably the only thing left to try now - make sure that it is a sim from a different network. This is an interesting problem that you have yourself
  7. What happens if you put this sim in a different phone. Have you tried contacting Virgin Mobile about this (though i suspect, like all mobile operators, they will be less helpful than a chocolate tea pot)
  8. hydo1

    Volume up acting as back button?

    What ROM are you using?
  9. You could also use the gmail website which is very similar in functionality to the iPhone app
  10. Have you saved applications to the SD card inside the phone?
  11. I would have a look at either the Huawei Ascend G300 or a ZTE Blade III. The G300 already has a large community on MoDaCo. Currently it is easiest to get one from Vodafone and get an unlock code from eBay but Tesco and Asda have sold them in the past too. The blade 3 is a bit of an unknown in the UK at the moment so if you want something you can take out of the box and hack straight away go for the G300 but bear it in mind that the G300 will be superceeded soon by the G330.
  12. hydo1

    Boot logo

    Have you googled ZTE Blade splash screen shifted and used any of those modaco articles?
  13. I have bought a phone (one of the many ill-fated ATRIXs that I've had) from CeX and it arrived out of the box with an unlocked boot loader, custom ROM and root. I don't think that they really check for that stuff too much, so long as it looks like it's stock then they don't seem to notice but then that is just my experience with them. Also as a word of advice, I am still dealing with them regarding the replacement of the atrixes with my Xperia T, I'd get cash and buy something elsewhere with it, my experience of their online customer service is diabolical, it has taken them 4 months to replace a phone that broke within it's warranty period.
  14. Three UK block WiFi tethering most of the time however when they don't know you are tethering the speeds are very good even on the blade.

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