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  1. Cheers mate. Shall give that a crack tomorrow.
  2. Managed to flash a rom via external SD card but rom still does not recognise internal SD card. Any ideas? Wish I'd never partioned via CWM
  3. I keep gettign the error message "Partition.mbn is not exist" Still have a bricked Crescent. Any advice?
  4. My phone is bricked too. Like an idiot I partioned the SD card using CWM. I cant get FTM, I can get into CWM but there's nothing on the SD card to flash. I have Fish N Chips installed but the phone just boots in the opening screen and is stuck. HELP PLEASE!
  5. ryan2801

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    From Jaisan's post just above: Downgraded from B888 to B885 using Downgrade upgrade Tool http://www.modaco.co...ade-tool-found/ , then upgraded to B892 via OTA Vodafone. Waited for Vodafone ICS release but I lacked patience so when Huawei released B934 ICS, I used this same tool again before installing the B934 ICS. Did not root the device as there are no bloatware to remove and using stock All Backup rather than installing third party backups which may require rooting. Regards.
  6. ryan2801

    Thoughts on the G330

    I thought it had potential but I just cant get on with it no matter which Rom I use. It's going back. Going to buy something a lot better for the same price even if it is 2nd hand.
  7. ryan2801

    Nothing to beat it?

    A 2nd hand Galaxy S I9000 in excellent condition can be bought for under a ton on Ebay
  8. ryan2801

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    Hi, I'm getting "update failed2 and a yellow triangle when flashing from AtomicMod 888 Any idea what I should try next? fixed
  9. I have the same problem. WIFI goes ot sleep when the phone is in standby. I've done eveything as stated above but to no avail. Any other advice?
  10. I've tried a few roms and the battery definitely suffers with 3G on.With data switched off and Wi-Fi on the battery is fine. With data on/WifFi on it's awful and with Wifi off/data on it's just as awful Very odd.
  11. Have any rom updates made a change to the woeful signal levels?
  12. ryan2801

    How many people are using B888

    Have these roms made any difference to the phone's signal? Mine kept dropping from 3 bars to 0 then back again constantly, so I took it back.
  13. Same signal problems for me. Had 2 phones now and signal is erratic and unusable on both. I popped the same Vodafone sim on my other phone and signal was full strength. Definitely a problem with the G300. Shame, nice budget smartphone, but it's of no use to me if I cant even make/receive calls.

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