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  1. i have a problem using applications that connects to data network , i cant use apps anymore on 3g network. EDGE is working fine on all apps. but when i connect to 3g the network freezes , again i have to restart phone and same problem occurs. i tried fixing permissions on cwm and rom manager but doesn't work. please tell me what is the problem
  2. I just partitioned my sd card and i tried this http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2146375 .. now i got 270mb of extra storage...
  3. rom was just great...but i cant able to install many apps..memory was too low.. will a2sd works on this rom?? if works how to do it..please solve this
  4. its a network freeze that happens every time you connect to mobile network data...every time you need to reboot the phone...that's the only problem we have in this rom..
  5. There's a network connectivity problem on this rom, every time i install this rom and connect via 3g network the connection drops and freezes, needs to reboot every time .. removed this rom and installed ICS of KonstaKANG , theres no issue on that...any replies??
  6. youtube HQ is working like a charm....Thanks a Lot....:)
  7. i installed this rom on my blade and my network freezes every time i use 2G/3G data,and i need to reboot the phone every time the network freezes, there's no incoming and outgoing call..anyone please solve my problem.
  8. is there any issue with the 3G mobile data on this rom??
  9. google now is not working..!! can u post the link of the gapps?
  10. what about the a2sd in this rom? will the apps install directly to sd card

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