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  1. So far I guess CM7.1 is the better performance mod! It's fast & responsive, works very good, and even the gps gets lock in 10-15 secs! and also witth the 3g off, and using internet only sometimes, the battery can last 4 days (turning off at night). But as for the look and feel I prefer the stock style (sms, phone app, keyboard). Is it possible to use these apps or a CM7 theme to look like it?
  2. I have the same problem here! But BT was working after I flashed CM7, then I've restored some apps from Gr5 with titanium, then when I restored the system settings, there was something there that did this, I also started to get some gapps error msg which now is gone. But now I can't even turn BT on, and the first time I turned it on, the phone crashed (had to remove the battery), other time just rebooted.
  3. ahhhh finally after many reboots and removing the battery several times, I though about updating CWM to the latest and it is now working on CM7! I was on CMW, now with CWM it finally booted!!! :D
  4. I was on Gr5, and tried BB 622 than came back to 0725 (20L). So I flashed the BB, than reboot into recovery ( and flashed CM7 from the free kitchen, now I'm stuck on the LG boot logo (the animated one)! I did the wipes and the fix permissions. I went back to recovery to flash Gr5 again but on this case it goes into bootloop... :( any help??
  5. I finaly solved this issue by flashing the 0622 Baseband, but I had to keep the RIL 0725 (V20L), with 0622 RIL it doesn't work! Well it seems that it's not over yet... It kept breaking the signal or having false signal (I was receiving text messages saying someone called me but the phone didn't ring). So I've flashed the BaseBand 0725 again and moved from Gr5 to CM7. It seems better, so I checked the RIL and it was 0218 (v10b), I've updated to the recomended RIL 0725 (v10d) and It got worse, tried the last RILs (v20j, v20l) 0823 0824 and nothing... got back to RIL 0218 (V10b), it keeps loosing signal now and then... but seems like it's the less bad one...
  6. Hello, I'm sorry but I didn't find the fix you mentioned there was for this error: "Unable to open ums lunfile (No such file or directory)" May someone show me how to?
  7. I've flashed BB (622) LGP990AT-00-V20a-EUR-XX-JUL-01-2011+0_CP on my Gr5 rom, and now I'm in bootloop, so I went in recovery mode to flash the rom again but when I try to mount the USB storage it says "E:Unable to open ums lunfile (No such file or directory)" help!
  8. I've wiped the dalvik cache and it didn't help, in fact it got worse, only after a few reboots I finally got 2G signal, and 3G keeps random and even switching to 2G doesn't work, I have to reboot to get 2G signal again, so maybe it's worse than before. I flashed core+stock, what do we have different then, HW version? Now I've tried a with another SIM card (a newer one) from the same network and it works. So I guess my SIM card (from 2001) has something to do with it too.:huh:
  9. If I'm only in 2G the signal is stable, the problem is when I turn to 3G it turns unstable. Someone using Gr5 (v20L) and other BB than the recommended (with success) please post. It's weird that only a few of us have this problem, do we have different hardware versions?
  10. Are you using BB 0662 on GR5? you had to switch to another RIL after? do you still have some signal drops? Mine sometimes looks better than on Gr4 but today it got worst again, I'm for almost one hour with no signal, although the app "open signal maps shos signal strenght from 20% to 70%!!! :angry:
  11. Are you using BB 625 on GR5? GetRIL only recomends 0725 BB for this GR5 version. If I flash the BB I have to backup/restore apps and settings again? Thanks.
  12. I was on modaco FR12 and sometimes I got weak unstable gsm signal and I had to switch to 2G to get stable signal, but I started to notice this issue a lot more after updating to GR4, I got low gsm signal, many times no signal at all even switching to 2G doesn't help! Now I've updated to GR5 (0725 v20l BB) (core+stock) and at first looked like it was better than in GR4 but I'm not sure any more, sometimes I have to reboot to get some GSM signal. GetRIL says I've the correct RIL (v20l Italy?) When I've got no signal, Phono & Open signal maps says I've 20%-50% signal, so I guess it may not be an hardware issue. Now sometimes I have to reboot the phone to get gsm signal.
  13. It happened the same to me, but when I rebooted all the buttons were working (I've installed core + extreme).
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