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  1. Here you go http://www.mediafire.com/?who1fwn46l2gcg9
  2. Acer have confirmed that my handset is now fixed and will be delivered back to me before 1pm tomorrow through Royal Mail Special Delivery. So it's taken exactly 2 weeks from the day of collection!! No receipt or proof of purchase needed either.
  3. Yes Acer pay for it to be collected and returned through UPS. I don't mind waiting it's just it was only a pixel problem with the screen, surely shouldn't take more than a week as the website update stated under repair on the 5th Jan!!
  4. Well I explained the situation and Acer said it was OK without proof of purchase. I had the Phone collected on Tuesday 3rd Jan, I keep checking the customer portal on the Acer website and it says under repair. I wonder how long it will take for them to get it back to me?? It's been over a week now and didn't think it would take this long!!!
  5. Hi Guys, I have had my Liquid MT since September but my screen has since developed a fault with the screen...... It seems to be some sort of pixel problem and I have a sort of ring of green little lines on the middle of the screens. I am wanting to send it to Acer to have it fixed on the warranty? But I don't have proof of purchase as it was a gift? Just wondering if anyone has any experience in returning handsets to Acer and whether they would need it for warranty? Thanks
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