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  1. Thanks, i missed the additional step with wifi-direct. That is quite fine so far. But miracast doesn't work. I can scan and see my TV, but as soon as I try to connect, the zte get unresponsible und after a while, it reboots/restarts the gui. (heavily battery drain) But it needs a complete hardreset, to get the ui back to work. The feature 'miracast' seems to be buggy. In the next days, I will provide a logcat for the protocol. I do not need this feature in a productive way, so no hurry to solve this.
  2. Hey, was someone capable of using Miracast? I try to use it with my TV, but it is not recognized.
  3. Hey, the adoptable storage is also broken in the current release. (So far nothing new) adoptable-sd_grep2.log
  4. I tried to use the adaptable storage but it fails everytime. I did a factory reset and enabled the feature. It fails, even after a reboot the system shows an invalid SD-Card. partial Logcat as attachment adaptableStorage.txt
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