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  1. Oddly enough, I just flashed it over my old 185 partition (and I know it's 185, because I made the tpt file myself) and I've never had any problems or anything missing.
  2. Zeelog, would any of the following new stuff be applicable to your next rom version? 1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/wifi-dhcp-accelerator-t3023534 >>> DHCP Accelerator, not sure if it's compatible? 2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/spirit-fm >>> SpiritFM, there has been talk about a new bugfix that enables FM on some CM builds, maybe applicable to our ZTE? 3. Some way to upload higher quality photos for the stock Contacts app, I'm kind of annoyed by the low quality XD Thank you for your answers in advance.
  3. We needed a new recovery because of this addition of Thread Local Storage: Kernel: Enabled TLS Register & LDREXD CPU features What these changes mean exactly, I can't speculate, but the older recovery obviously couldn't make the changes, as you can see in the recovery changelog on the first page.
  4. Depends on how much you use your phone and for what. I'd typically prefer smartassv2 though.
  5. Highly doubt it was a bug due to not wiping, zeelog himself told me a few pages back that wiping wasn't needed inbetween versions.
  6. First slight bug: Got called while my phone's monitor was light up, I just got a black screen for Caller ID, waited 3 seconds but it didn't fix itself. I installed without wiping from the last version.
  7. The rom - http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/36123372/file.html The gapps - http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/15524444/file.html Check against the md5 sum just to be safe :)
  8. "wifi driver now built from atheros sdk2 source" - I'm guessing the newer source means some improvement to how wifi is handled, anybody have any idea as to what has been improved?
  9. As far as keyboards, I just use this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh This is the best one I've found so far, and you just download dictionaries.
  10. 1. Heartbleed is an openssl leak, which is something websites have to fix. 2. The new camera depends on the drivers and chips and firmware, neither of which can be supported for the newest app as much as I remember, just like we can't get a newer subversion of Linux on our phone, it's just too old. If I'm wrong, somebody please correct me.
  11. Latest build seems more stable and even smoother with enabled swap. Haven't tried it with HD Swap, as I'm not sure if it's better to give Swap a priority over zRam, Zeelog could tell and I'd test it out if he thinks it's worth trying out.
  12. BaHXeLiSiHg, I strongly advise you to not install this Custom ROM if you can't put in the time to read the 10 lines of IMPORTANT TEXT that Zeelog put on the front page. You'll probably brick your phone.
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