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  1. I think swiftkey has the best predictions/autocorrect . Flow works well, but I don't find it any quicker than normal typing, I have it installed, but I doubt I'll use it.
  2. Yes I meant your rom. I found the thread last night, just flashed it and I can confirm it works on XXELK4. Some apps aren't supported, like the games - but that obvious really, trying to run most wanted and gta 3 at the same time may fry your phone.
  3. sorted the dpi, thanks I've found the page on xda, is the rom odexed or deodexed?
  4. The multi window feature is great, shame it only supports a few apps at the moment. Is there anyway to change the LCD density, I had been using 241 dpi for about a week, and everything looks so big on stock lol.
  5. Just seen the 4.1.2 leak How well does the multi-window work? is there any lag? could you post some screen shots? thanks
  6. I find that it fits fine, the tab does need a bit of a pull, but I don't think its that big a problem. I have stopped using the pouch now, I bought a bunch of cheap cases on ebay (all less than 50p) and change my case every few days XD
  7. Do .wma files play on your roms? I have tried the JB leak and cm10, but they don't recognise .wma files. Even if I use a player that supports it, like PlayerPro. They work fine on stock TW and with MCR
  8. I am rooted on a stock rom. I had a ~37mb update pop-up. I decided to try it, my phone rebooted into the recovery screen and said the update has failed and that I should try again using the Kies software. At least the annoying notification has gone (you could only postpone it for 3 hours max)
  9. I hated the auto brightness in the stock browser. I am using Dolphin Browser HD and Chrome
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