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  1. That app shows not compatible with even my racer. Probably noobzone tried some other version of it? I guess I'll try to download apk and install it through sd card. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noser.droidinfo16&feature=also_installed This version seem to be working.
  2. Ready to test your builds for racer, will be great to have cm7 nightlies back with regular updates since equilym is busy with job. :(
  3. Seems like a work I can do as soon as my exams get over next week. :D btw, i remember the old dr. mihir brahme xD
  4. vamshi and me from same country, but he never shared his personal details so no idea where he disappeared? :o
  5. Nice to see a kernel dev after a long time..vamshi is long gone and so is deadlink :D
  6. Hello equilym, been a long time. Could you please check this out and port it for racer? Here's the link : If there's no ICS for racer why not some more ICS features? :D
  7. The most tough part of Life is being judged by some people who don't have half as much brain as yours.

  8. I think the main problem is the touchscreen...once it is solved it should be much more easy to solve everything else. :)
  9. He meant that he modifies the rom that he makes further for his own convenience. :)
  10. its very far from ICS and most of the things look to big for qvga screen.....I'll have a go at resizing it and ask abhi if i can carry on his rom
  11. Finally Ice-Cream Sandwich in my Phone! ;D

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