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  1. sorry guys, im no more using skate, i give it to my staff. i just received my new phone a few days ago, BBK Vivo X1, just google it, u will impress
  2. Thanks for all the sincered wishes... tua dah aku :-)

  3. Sorry... bz lately! Now I'm using ligux 4.1.2 121228 U1 rom, at last I managed to recompile jb framework-res.apk :-)
  4. My try to boot up trasmusic lg ui jellybean still fail, but I'll try again
  5. i got miui 2.12.28 JB, stock camera now working, but problem with wifi (its working but but to reboot the phone)
  6. Its a cm based rom but with touchwiz framework. Now playing with x-ui rom from http://xui.xda.cn
  7. Off course working... but framework-res.apk cannot be recompiled, so USB mass storage remain unfix
  8. camera working, i can confirm u that, but got problem with stock one... use 3rd party camera app frm playstore
  9. Chinese, English & Russian... Some screenies (I'm using tita theme)
  10. Reminder: Don't ask me if u get bootloops. Check back the way u flash the ROM @ Check your system partition opppsss... this rom booting longer than usual, so wait patiently!
  11. Here is the link: MIUI JB Skate 2.12.7 Lite Too lazy to write..... Ported from this: http://www.miui.com/thread-913772-1-1.html, credit belongs to the original dev Based on tilal CFX2 4.1.2 - credit to him too Steps of installation: 1. Always backup 2. Always do a full-wipe 3. Flash ROM 4. Flash tilal's latest JB tripped GAPPS - credit to him 5. Flash C3C0 prox_update.zip - credit to him 6. Reboot system 7. Enjoyyy!!! A few changes from the original one: 1. Add working SuperSU 2. Remove S2E-JB 3. Add Smart Keyboard (original one came without keyboard) Note: if camera not stable, use 3rd party camera app frm playstore, im using camera360 Bugs: as per CM10 4.1.2 by tilal
  12. THANKS... i hv a smooth touchwiz 5 rom (4.0.4) too, but i cannot recompile a modified touchwiz framework-res.apk, error occured!
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