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  1. i've used only 791mhz, no more than twice and it started to reboot... i've lied to them that i didn't use overclock :D now i'm using usual state and it reboots periodically :( the same with 480mhz state
  2. I had two blades, both of them were from uzbek operator: Ucell. First and Second device has problems with CPU/GPU, bcz when i play games on it, watch photos in stock gallery or do something hard, it reboots... I overclocked both of them, and I think that problems came from this... They changed me the first Blade, because of this problem, but the warranty time has ended and now i suffer from this problem... btw... It always reboots on ICS, but I don't want to come back to 2.3 x_x
  3. Internet isn't working on my blade: in access points there is MCC:450 and other option is 02, instead of my 434/05, and when i change this value, it save the point, but it doesn't appear in access points list
  4. please) make an update for Swedish Snow RLS5, i like your theme ^^
  5. can u add spare parts to rom in next versions? the font size is awful, and when i install spare parts from market - font changes and after reboot it returns to default size
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