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  1. Measure your vivacity battery - 51x46x4. So what? Not the same.
  2. Mine is 1200mAh and this is the max. capacity that I've seen (ebay etc.)
  3. Hi you can buy new touch screen on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-For-T-Mobile-ZTE-Vivacity-P736-tools-/190712887823?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c675fba0f
  4. Screen protector ebay.de Edit: Sorry, company I thought isn't at eBay in this moment. You can use their e-shop
  5. Use other Android phone or buy SD/micro SD adapter.
  6. Nice but p&p is a joke when you live outside of UK...
  7. It doesn't have to be for Vivacity. Seach for case suitable for iPhone 4, N8, E71, i900 Omnia etc - all phones with similar size.
  8. http://android.modac...ies-and-guides/
  9. What I read, San Francisco II or Vivacity aren't Blade II, though they have similiar specification. Official Blade 2 comes to our market (Czech) in these days and looks different - IMHO much worse than SF2. The only difference is CPU which is 1GHz in Blade 2.No mention about display but apparently TFT.
  10. I can try evening. I've got downloaded stock ROM but I forgot to try it yesterday... Edit: In stock ROM no change - same situation as in custom ROMs. I'm using "Ulysse Gizmos compass" and it works fine. So my only problem is skymaps which is unimportant.
  11. No, it was "Flibblesan FLB2-R1", very first modified ROM I found here.
  12. I reinstalled Crescent ROM and then RLS1 to check if there is compass OK. it wasn't. I flashed back Fish and Chips RLS2 and made again sensor test. Compass still doesn't work properly but compass data are different - phone was in same position.
  13. TMV. Your ROM is really perfect and this is the only issue I have. It's nothing important I just like to know what's wrong...
  14. I thought that accelerometer automatically corrects 1G from one axis. I read about it in other forum, so my mistake :)

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