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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I really like how you offer two download links. I always click the link to support you but it is nice to know that it was my decision to do so! I also am a big fan of your Simplistic ROM. It worked perfectly for me and I am eagerly anticipating the next release!
  2. I registered at some point in order to download an attached file at some point. I figure it's about time I make my first post to thank you, Gary! I stumbled across this forum by accident and was delighted to find that you had created a mod that had exactly what I was looking for. I have flashed a couple versions since then and have always been extremely impressed with each release and never experienced any problems. I am always amazed how quickly you release your ROM after something new is released and equally amazed that you are able to do such a fantastic job testing them so quickly as well. Sadly I uninstalled KK5 as I experienced a problem loading my applications in the market just after I flashed. I mistakenly thought it could have been caused by the ROM due to the timing of the error, but found out afterwards that it was an issue with the marketplace itself when that didn't fix the problem. I'm going to gamble on stock KL1 for now to see how it goes. I'm hoping to find that KL1 works for you and passes your testing, but if I experience problems with the stock ROM I will happily flash your KK5 release and eagerly await your next release after we see a new stock ROM that is more stable. Thanks Gary, keep up the great work!

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