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  1. I'm using an Xperia S as a phone. Random fact... I just got a Music Unlimited subscription and can even use it on my Sony TV. Opinion about Rafflecopter: I don't like it. It would be nice if the competition was just for visitors of your site. Now, forcing everyone to share it, will only invite people who never visit Modaco, to just visit it once for this competition, lowering the changes of your regulars winning. Other than that, I understand you would want more visitors and it's of course really nice you're holding this give-away in the first place!
  2. Yes, I also think they mean the end of Q3 2013. I'm sorry, but I won't be getting an LG phone ever again. It's the worst mistake phone-wise I've ever made. The software is just crap. Stock has issues, CM7 fixes those issues but has other issues that stock doesn't have and so forth. It's annoying if you want a phone that just works.
  3. I fully agree with you on that, I won't buy an LG phone again.... Or they must really amaze me with the upcoming ICS release for the O2X. But it's already taking quite long again, same as with Gingerbread. I really do hope the will release something good this time around.
  4. I'm also waiting for a (more) stable ICS version which can at least also record video. LG is working on it, many devs are working on it, perhaps Nvidia will perform a miracle and release some required driver sources... I'm quite happy with CM7.2RC0 for the moment, mod installed so the digital compass also works... So, aside from some minor things it's working just fine. That's why it's quite quiet on the forums over here.
  5. The solution to these kind of problems (provided that it's not a real hardware-fault of course), is right here: You just start the phone in 'nvFlash-mode' (the screen will stay black, but Windows will detect a different device). And then use nvFlash to restore some default rom, in this case v10b. Just give it a try and see if this helps you. I'll take 5$ for referring you to this thread ;-)
  6. I'm also seeing 20Q so, perhaps LG has finally fixed the problem... Otherwise I will try the RILs you mentioned.
  7. Just to add: I also tried Gueste's new Hybrid v3.0 which is CM7.2RC0 with many stock apps and stock drivers. In this version, the radio also crashed on me the same day. So I went back to normal CM7.2RC0 and it's all fine again. So this crashing radio thing is really something in some LG driver. I really hope some-one here can do anything with this info or Paul can relay this info to his LG contact, because this bug makes stock firmware or stock-based firmware completely unusable to me (and I'm very glad there is CM7 and I know how to install it, otherwise I would have an unusable phone, stuck on v20L/M/O with crashing radio all day).
  8. Thanks, I also started this discussion with gr5 and just wanted to know if there were any new insights. I hope stock ICS does fix IT then hand perhaps Paul can ask huis LG contact about this. IT is really annoying.
  9. Hello all, I'm unfortunately again encountering the crashing radio problem on Gr6 again. Sometimes when you pick up the handset, the signal bars are white and there are no arrows or only one blinking arrow underneath the G or 3G/H icon. Then the radio has crashed and you cannot call or be called at all. Ypu need to reboot the phone, after which battery levels have dropped by 25-50%. I've experienced this with stock 20L, gr5 and gr6. I'm using bb 0725 from 20L. With gr6, I used the stock kernel option. I dont't have this issue at all with CM 7.1 (nor did I have it on stock Froyo). In the 20O release notes I saw a lot of fixes regardng the radio/data so I had hoped this would have been fixed. My question is, is it possible this has been fixed in stock 20O but is still present in gr6 since gr6 uses kernels from 20L? Or are there any more fixes or causes known to this problem today? I really want to use stock-based instead of CM... :)
  10. About the Owain scripts, it mounts internal and external sd card differently. Perhaps in the phone's options screen there can be the selection where which sd card should be mounted, like it is in CM7.1? Or perhaps it can be an option in the kitchen? Most (many) apps only support /sdcard so it is useful to be able to specify which card should go where. One other option from CM I like a lot is the seemless 2G only/3G switching. It does so very fast and also without disconnecting the entire radio, as the Toggle2G does. But I haven't got a clue whether or not this can be implemented. It's just on my 'nice to have' list. Otherwise I have it running now for over a day and it seems fine. I did however have a white signal icon without any arrow under the 3G/H icon just once, when I turned to screen on. So I was afraid it would eat my battery again but it didn't and just reconnected immediately, So it might have been a glitch in the matrix. Hope not to see this again otherwise I must go back to CM and I like mcr so much better... So, thanks for your nice work!
  11. Cm is ext4 and stock is ext3. Ext3 is (or has been for a long time) the default Linux filesystem, just like Fat in Dos/Windows. Ext4 is a bit newer, comparable to NTFS. The kernels included in stock firmware, don't have drivers for Ext4. Clockwordmod does have drivers for both ext3 and ext4. When you install CM or other ext4 based rom, it converts your ext3 filesystem on first boot. Since CWM has drivers for both fileystem, you can flash an ext3-only rom on an ext4 filesystem just fine. However, it won't boot since the rom will be unable to mount it's own filesystem. Since wipes are only wipes (del *.*), you need to format the system and data partitions back to ext3 before installing a rom that has only ext3 drivers included. I hope this clears things up.
  12. No, you can flash anything in any order with Clockworkmod. Only thing to watch out for is if you're coming from an Ext4 Rom and going back to an Ext3. Then you need to flash 'backtoext3.zip' first. And when switching Roms, always do a full wipe first (except sometimes when upgrading to a newer version of the same rom, sometimes a wipe isn't required - but sometimes it is. Just read the install notes)
  13. He opened up a seperate thread for this question as well and is has been answered there.
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