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  1. So, what is the changelog of the new build? :) (I really love these builds, they make my day!)
  2. Thanks for everything, tilal. As always, don't forget to update the first post with the new Gapps (15-02-12): http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-ics-20120215-signed.zip :)
  3. I just noticed that when I press the proximity calibration option i get the message: "Proximity calibration is failed" O.O
  4. Me too. We're always on the move. Right, Pete? :D
  5. I totally agree. There has to be a difference. I really think that it's related to the partitions. Maybe even to the SD card having a EXT partition.
  6. How did you install it? What TPT are you using? And what CWM recovery? :) Thanks!!
  7. I believe that is also the cause of the failing reboots. I don't mean the random ones, I mean when you actually want to reboot your phone and it freezes. I think it freezes when unmounting the SD card.
  8. I totally agree withj you, Pete. I'm not really a camera-user, so I don't really care about it being disabled for the moment. It's a great ROM that shows how far our little Skate/OMC can go, that's why I'm really into this project.
  9. I've to add something to andymac's list: - Reducing the heap size to 32m improves the performance of some apps like Facebook, Whatsapp or Gmail. Apart from that, everything he said is right. I've had all those cases, too.
  10. Application installations/uninstallations are also a cause for reboot in my case.
  11. Random. I had a reboot moving through the app drawer of the Trebuchet Launcher, for instance.
  12. I was able to install it with the new recovery and all... but I still got several reboots. Weird it is.
  13. Excellent. I'll reflash the TPT, install the new recovery and install the ROM. I'll report you back.
  14. Then, my device is weird :( Cause I'm able to get the ROM installed (which means the physical keys work) but after the first boot, I'm not able to use them anymore. :( EDIT: And, to set things clear the Option 2 of the flashing TPT's (200MB system, 35MB cache, 205MB data) should be perfect for this build, uh? I'm going to make the exact same installation you made, tilal :)
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