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  1. Are non of the people making ROMs actually interested in fixing this problem for their ROM? :( I'd hate to cross-thread post in other threads but it's like nobody is even looking at this problem. Only the people experiencing this problem post in this thread, and the threads were people talk about hacks and ROMS, the subject never comes up. This phone has been out for months, but nobody has found a solution. I can't believe so few people use their phones in the car, either to make calls or as a music player. Surely people building a ROM would have their ROM benefit by looking into this and providing a complete package? This is not to lay blame, rather an observation and expression of disappointment.
  2. My phone isn't rooted yet (i'm still waiting for this problem to be fixed before i do, maybe i have to resell the phone if no solution is found), but if you could try it out, that would be great. Btw, i had contact with the Belgian/Dutch (Holland) Acer support... maybe they were unaware. Help us Aarvin Wan KeJaarvin, you're our only hope.
  3. I got a response by e-mail by an Acer rep. They had not heard of the problem before i mentioned it, but he did want to look into it personally and see if he could get the problem verified by development. He couldn't guarantee anything, because even if the problem gets verified, it could take months -if ever- before a proper solution (in the form of an update) could be presented, since the problem would need to be addressed in Taiwan. I asked him to keep me posted. I've been wondering... the JiaYu uses the dualcore version but is generally the same chipset, is it not? Apparently the bluetooth on that phone has no problems. Would it be possible to implement (or test) that code on the acer?
  4. Hi Jaarvin, ok. So this "should" be fixable either with a system update or a custom ROM, right? I rather like the phone but time is running out and i either need to return it ASAP and get a different phone or find a solution. The phone is not useable for me in this state. I also find it a little disheartening to see so little user feedback regarding the matter. Are other users not having this problem? Don't they use this feature and can't they be bothered to test this to see if it's working on their phone or not? Maybe give some info regarding what ROM they are using and if the problem remains or not etc... :(
  5. I get 4309 with default settings for the Acer. Not rooted, stock ROM. But i'm thinking of returning it because a major dealbreaker for me is the bluetooth not working with the car kit music controls. I'd consider the Jiayu G3 (see above) if i were sure it worked on that phone. That phone uses the same brand chipset though... and it's not clear yet if it's a ICS problem or hardware related.
  6. Yes, I had to do it through the regular phone settings > SIM, and not the SIM app. On the Acer Stock ROM (same kernel as you). Say, could you test something for me? I'm having trouble with bluetooth in my car kit as described here: If you have a car kit, could you try this out if the problem is universal (which i think it is) and report back in that topic?
  7. I've been having problem with bluetooth audio (see here) in my car. I can't see a playlist, music doesn't start to play and i can't skip to another song using my steering wheel or the car console. The only thing that does work, is to start the music from my phone and control everything from the phone, which obviously isn't an option when you're driving. I've been doing some googling, and a lot of people have the same issue with ICS. It seems to be that AVRCP in ICS isn't up to snuff or compatible with standard bluetooth features or something. So i'm not sure it's a hardware related problem like Jaarvin is suggesting. I did get my phonebook though, but i've only had the phone since this weekend so i haven't been able to try it out. Forgot to check if missed/previous calls were shown. This is a major issue for me. Either to be resolved by rooting (if this offers a fix), or reselling the phone. This is a dealbreaker for me. UPDATE: just had the problem with the phonebook as well. Phonebook doesn't load, so making a call while driving is out of the question. When somebody listed in your phonebook calls you, you won't know who it is unless you recognize the number. This is a no-go. I've already contacted my phone vendor who is giving me a hard time and Acer who seem to be clueless. I bought this phone based on good reviews on Modaco and XDA, but so far this is turning into a little nightmare.
  8. UPDATE: Just called customer support Benelux, they seemed pretty clueless about the issue. They had no idea what the problem was and when a software update would be available. ugh
  9. HELP! i'm having the exact same problem. Googling indicates this is an ICS problem, not a hardware problem. Many other phones on Ice Cream Sandwich are having the same problem. Does anyone know if this can be fixed, and if so, how? I read somewhere that the apps need to make use of the ICS bluetooth protocol or that you need a different OS. I read some guy on a blog mention it was fixed in ICS 4.0.4 but there is currently no upgrade for the Acer which is still on 4.0.3. Can we expect a stock upgrade? Do any of the custom ROMs fix this problem? Is there an app that fixes this problem? Please, someone, this is a BIG issue for me. I always play music in my car from my phone. Also, on my Acer Liquid E with LiquidNext ROM, I could see the first song of the car kit screen. This also is not the case anymore. (I assume getting every song on the screen should also be possible, as soon as the first song ends or when you skip... but that also didn't work on the LN ROM, but would of course be nice to have). Please please please... Someone mentioned this app would do the trick, but it doesn't work for me. Supposedly, the AVRCP is the problem, and i've read it isn't solved on all ICS 4.0.4 and JellyBean versions... Is this of any help to anyone? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1624075
  10. Telenet user here as well, i don't know if you tried this, but when i go to my settings, and chose SIM-beheer (management) and scroll down in the next optionscreen, i get "algemene instellingen" (general settings) under which you find "roaming". When you click that, you can chose to disable the roaming warnings. I'm on the Gallant Duo though.
  11. Jaap-Jan, you mentioned the phone boots in 7 seconds? I take it that is after you modded it and not the stock ROM? I've seen people on youtube claim it takes 50 seconds to boot. Also, is it possible to root the phone but keep the stock ROM, and delete the otherwise undeletable bloatware, as well as install some governors? I've read it takes up more than half of the 4GB. And what exactly makes the phone boot so fast in your ROM? (PS: i'm rather clueless; i've only rooted one phone before, the Acer Liquid E S100, and i've always found it to be less stable afterwards, but got more space and better battery life in return... so my first reflex is to keep the stock ROM but try and get those two main advantages as well.)
  12. http://tweakers.net/productreview/67560/jiayu-g3-zwart.html Damn, that looks like a sexy phone, cheap and more powerful than the Acer as well... maybe i ordered (and payed for) the Gallant just a couple of hours too soon :(
  13. Just ordered the gallant duo for €199 (incl transportation) as a successor to my Liquid S100. I'll be testing it first, but maybe i'll root it and install a custom ROM. Can we expect a stock upgrade to Jellybean? Or do we have to resort to custom ROMs for that? Are there many apps taking up lots of space, which can't be removed? And can these be removed just by rooting, or do i need to install a custom ROM to get rid of those? Or is installing superuser enough to get the job done? Thanks! I'm very excited. I hope i get it in the mail tomorrow, but most likely i'll have to wait til monday :(
  14. Hi, not sure where to post this, but i wondered if we could make a topic with Android phones with an extremely positive cost/quality ratio, offering great value. Phones that are relatively cheap considering what you are getting in return. And also to possibly touch upon some of the less positive features some of these phones might be having. This could be high-end phones from one or two years ago at slashed prices, or new phones from lesser known brands trying to cut out market share. For instance, for the moment i'm reading some internet buzz surrounding ZTE Blade II, Huawei G300. Or maybe these are already yesterdays news. What about these Spice Stellar phones i've read about and can you actually buy them in Europe? What other phones are (about to come) out or about to get a price cut? I'm interested to know because i bought my Acer Liquid S100 little over a year ago, and was very happy with it having only paid 140 euro's. The phone had been out for a while. But now with ICS (not on said phone) i'm thinking about moving on and giving it to my girlfriend. But i don't want to spend over 200 euro's for a new one. Basically, i think it could be interesting for a lot of people should such/this topic be kept alive.
  15. Wait... is this mod dead? They aren't working on it anymore?
  16. Thanks. I'm gonna try to keep my current LN1.9 and hope i can hold out till CM9 goes stable.
  17. Thanx man. 2 questions: Does anybody have any idea when this will be stable and if it will be at least as good as LN (stability, speed, battery)? And when you say reflash bin+LN for a fresh installation... does that mean i'll have to re-install everything+ settings etc? Or does it just write over the "system files" so to speak? I've also read something about CM9 not using Malez Recovery?
  18. Hi, i'm looking for a new ROM. I've been using LN1.9 for the past six or seven months. Was very happy at first, but after a couple of months it became unstable, started freezing. Sometimes once a day... which isn't practical for a device you rely on all the time, both personally and professionally. Also, my battery would drain immensely fast since the last two months (since two weeks ago, this problem seems to have disappeared though). So is this ROM stable and are all devices working? How is battery drain? Is there a decent (preferably superior) alternative to SDman or apps2SD built in? If i understand correctly, this is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) right? How is the speed/performance compared to the stock ROM (2.2) or LN (2.3)? I only want to make the switch if i'm 100% sure this is a complete alternative without compromise. Thanks in advance to every kind stranger willing to answer some of my questions.
  19. Ok, i'm about to give up on this thing and go back to factory settings. It's almost every single day that i need to pull out the battery because the phone hangs. And frankly i've had it.
  20. So after some time, i've also been getting these black screens, where i need to pull out the battery. This happens once in so many days/weeks. My wifi icon doesn't seem to be working, most of the time it shows none of the bars filled, even if i have excellent connection.
  21. No, undervolting is to save battery life. But it COULD also make the phone somewhat more unstable. Just like overclocking your CPU COULD make the phone more unstable. I use undervolted kernel, with CPU at 883Mhz max / 128Mhz min, and governor SmartassV2... my phone now gets through 48 hours without recharging with normal use. It drains less than 1% per hour when in standby. Also check to see your energy management is set to use only Wifi OR 3G never both at once. How to check if it's stable? If your phone doesn't crash, it's stable. Edit; argh, beaten by 3 minutes.
  22. I think 3G drains the battery more than wifi. Also, which cpu governor are you using? I'm using smartassV2 with 128 min and 883 Mhz max cpu clockspeed. Using undervolted kernel, auto brightness... i now have better battery than original stock rom and better performance. It drains less than 1% per hour when not in use. In use it's comparable with stock ROM i think. EDIT: oh i see you use ondemand. Try SmartassV2, worked for me.
  23. Make sure wifi and 3G are never on at the same time. That might help a bit. Also, there is surfing and there is surfing. Visiting an text based site would be a lot less demanding of the hardware than a site with lots of flash animations etc...
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