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  1. I've just copied all my apps to the regular SD partition with app 2 sd free (by sam lu). Again, this frees up over 25 MB of space as opposed to letting SDman copy everything to EXT. I wanted to set dalvik to SD with the SDman tweaker... but now it says "terminal session is running", but nothing happens and i can't acces the tweaker. If they could fix SDman, dalvik/tweaker, i'd be very happy. Now i just don't know if i should use SDman or just go with app2SD as it gives me more free space as long as dalvik>SD isn't working.
  2. Ok; i tried the tweaker, and my phone hung upon reboot. Unless i should wait longer than 15 minutes (which i didn't) and i did have a ton of apps installed already, though how long can it take to copy less than 200 MB to the SDcard, even if it's a slow one? Or does the process involve a lot more than just copying and some sort of indexing? I had only heard about being able to use the tweaker after i had installed all the apps, and i'm somewhat hesitant to delete them all, then set dalvik and install them all over again. Is there a less painful way? Could i move those that are able to be installed on SD by default to SD the regular old fashioned way (in app properties, move to sd) on the normal sd partition (not the EXT), then use the tweaker (having to move only a handfull of apps) and moving all the other apps back "to phone" (being EXT partition on SDcard)?
  3. Ok, thanks. Just to be clear, it says in my settings that i have 168 of 430 available. so according to you, that's a total of 430 for general instructions/applications of which still 168 free, and an aditional 82 MB for the kernel etc (430+82=512)? If i type "free" in the terminal emulator, it says 440338 total, 364800 used, 75588 free. I was just wondering because in the stock rom, it always clearly said 512.
  4. Thanks Winston! So i guess i either have to wait for them to fix their "move dalvik" function or go with a2sd or delete some apps... As i described a couple of posts back, moving dalvik with the command didn't go well for me and i had to flash the rom again. This is kind of a bummer because i hoped to be rid of exactly this problem by rooting and installing a ROM. As i'm a liquid e owner, i don't think i'll do the swapping thing. Does there anyone else know why only 430 of my 512 MB RAM show up? Thanks
  5. I have a couple of questions, i hope someone can answer them. -In system settings, it says my phone has 430 MB RAM, while it has 512 (as also stated in the stock ROM settings). What's the deal? Is the remaining 80 MB used for something else? Is it not being recognized? Or is it being used, but just not showing up? -SDman isn't exactly clear. How i thought it worked, is that it automatically copied apps to the EXT partition of your SD card. Making apps believe, this EXT partition is actually the phone memory. Yet, my EXT partition is filled for about 171 MB, but my phone memory is also almost full. I only have 25 MB left on my phone. So what is taking up all this space? Is it app caches? I have less than 20 MB of emails, so what else is on there? If i copy everything to "SD" (the regular SD partition i presume) there is an extra 10 MB available on my phone. -I also don't get the checkboxes next to the apps in the app manager. Some were checked, some werent and you'd think that "checking" them would be enough to transfer the app, but it just opens the settings for that app. I thought those that were checked were those that normally couldn't be copied to the SD card, but can with SDman. But there's no logic there since it should indicate which app is on in/external memory and which is not. And still, some apps (asphalt demo, market, AR first aid...) say they can't be moved, while apps such as flash and maps supposedly can now, but couldn't on my stock ROM. -In CM there is a setting to allow apps to be copies to SD... does this override SDman or vice versa? Is it complementary and do they both need to be checked? -Is there a way to clear caches all at once? Like with the app i used to have on my stock rom apps2sd? If so, how? With the same app? -I haven't set a swap partition. If i do so now, i'll lose everything on my SD card (regular partition), right? And does this really help for the 512 MB RAM model? Or best leave it be? Thanks to anyone taking the time to enlighten me.I couldn't find an answer in the wiki.
  6. I had poor battery life the first couple of days, with my CPU at 128/883Mhz and using SD man for apps on my 16 GB (lvl 2) card. I found no explanation about what the different governors do which would help making an informed decision based on your personal usage. I had tried undervolting the kernel, but had some strange things happening so turned it off again. However, the day before yesterday i decided to take another stab at it and came up with the following results: CPU at 883 max, 128 min Governor: smartass V2 undervolted kernel energy manager: automatically turn off 3G when using wifi, turn off wifi when using 3G. No GPS or bluetooth. Result, when my phone is idle (at night, in my pocket, on my desk...) it consumes less than 1% per hour (this is with wifi on). When i'm actively using it, it goes down about as much as it did with the stock rom (using the acer UI). Yesterday, it had been on for about 27 hours and i had another 4% left in my battery before i recharged. I made a couple of calls (not too long, just a couple of minutes), spent quite some time on Word Feud (online scrabble), installed a couple of apps (with about 200 MB downloads in total), checked my facebook regularly, did some browsing etc... So far, my liquid remained stable. So i'm very happy with this result, since it's quite better than the stock rom, as well as faster. PS: does anybody know how to go to the enery manager, without having to go through the widget? I used to find it easily on the stock rom, but now i have to go through the widget because i can't seem to find it in the settings. Or i'm going blind.
  7. I just tried this and it makes my phone hang on splashscreen. Any ideas how to fix this? Wiped dalvik & cache, flashed the phone again... problem solved. I hope.
  8. Please use a different website/server because fileserve is the biggest crap i've come across in quite some time. The link doesn't work and if you try to download it again, you have to wait 15 minutes. I'm about to give up on froyometal, as the main reason for me to install a custom rom, was the ability to copy all my apps to my SD card... which doesn't work, nor does the patch provided a couple of pages back. The last thing i wanted to try was this file, which i now can't download. Tried on 2 different browsers, no avail. PS: finally was able to download with Opera. Flashed it (did i have to wipe all first?). At first glance it seems to work (though A2SD crashed at first).At second glance i'm not sure it does work, because when i check my apps in settings, none of the apps were moved to SD, and some apps still can't be moved (and i thought that was the whole idea?). Nevermind, installed LiquidNext.
  9. Hi, i'm new to this and bought a Liquid E S100 (Android 2.2 / Kernel 2.6.29 / Build Acer_LiquidE_4.0006.05_EMEA_CUS2 / european) three months ago. Love the phone but the 200 MB internal storage is driving me insane as of late, since i can't even get text messages without being prompted that i'm out of memory. So, i found my way here. I would like to use my 16GB SD card to store ALL my apps, and delete the bloatware. I've also read some roms improve performance as well as battery life, which would also be nice, but not quite as important as the storage issue. I would like to keep all normal features and i also love the Acer UI, though i don't know if it's possible to keep that after rooting etc. But i have a couple of questions before i start, hoping a good samaritan will take 5 minutes to clear some things up. This guide is nice, but not everything is clear. Sometimes things are being listed, without it being clear whether or not they are mandatory or what exactly you're supposed to do with it. So how i understand it: First i need to install malez-recovery. Do i need to install the drivers first? This wasn't clear to me. Then i need to root the phone? Or do i have to make a back-up first (for warranty) and how do i do this? If i want the modifications described above, i should be looking for a custom ROM instead of a BIN file? And am i correct to assume the "bin" files are official Acer "buids" as opposed to custom roms (zip format)? And so, is there a custom ROM with the Acer UI that lets me do the things i described above? Which ROM would you suggest to increase storage to SD, get better battery life and performance (and if possible, keep the UI, though i'll live if it's not possible). Or do i need to install both a ROM zip and a BIN file and what exactly is the difference? Afterwards, will i need to go into recovery each time i want to copy apps to the SD card, or is it automatic after i set it the first time? To be clear, i'm not a complete idiot, i build my own Pc's, i flashed my Wii, i've installed my fair share of shady software cracks back in the day, so if you think it'll be clear as i go along, i'll take your word for it. Yet some things really aren't clear (rom zip - bin file // install drivers necessary? // how &amp; when to make a backup...). Thanks! UPDATE: ok i just installed the drivers on my PC (i found the wiki which said it was necessary) then i installed the malezrecovery on my PC and followed instructions on my pc. After installation on the phone (as instructed on my PC) i followed the next step: booting in malezrecovery (pressing power, vol down and camera buttons). Made a backup from the phone menu in malezrecovery; installed busybox from the menu and rooted the phone from the menu. After booting my phone the regular way, i noticed a new superuser icon on my phone, but it just takes me to a black screen, and i still don't seem to be able to delete the bloatware. UPDATE 2: i guess the Froyometal rom would be what i'm looking for, since it is supposed to be faster, have better batterylife, better camera, Acer UI... and Apps2SD. UPDATE 3: Copied the froyometal rom to my SD card, and installed as discribed under 4.1. Seems to work: free space: 144 MB! Yay. Now need to activate apps2SD and i'm all set. UPDATE 4: Ughh... seems i picked the one ROM where apps2SD is broken... well, that sucks. None of the patches seem to work either. Installed LiquidNext 2.3 gingerbread, now i'm one happy camper.<br>
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