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  1. I'm guessing that's running on a rooted phone. Do you believe the framerate/quality is better than using the Snap Camera HDR app?
  2. Just dug up this topic, and was happy to find some extra suggestions i missed earlier. Thanks.
  3. So it is possible to get a resolution of 720p? But while sacrificing framerate? I guess this video was made with a different app? If so, could you tell me which one?
  4. So you're saying you get 850x480? But that still is 480p, not 720p... yet it is better than the stock 640x480(?) of course, but still no 720p.
  5. Hi, my brother bought a Y300, which has a lot of similarities with the G510, including GPU and RAM. But because there is no Y300 section, i'll ask my question here. There is a lot of confusion about the video recording capabilities. A lot of retailers are still putting it at 720p for both devices, yet apparently, both only record at 480p. According to a poster on a German forum, the Adreno 203 is capable of 720p recording, hence lots of early info stated both phones to do 720p recording. Even Huawei on their own website. But this guy claims licensing fees were raised, making Huawei stick with 480p recording. http://www.android-h...et-hoerbar.html Yet a google search shows that certain XDA forum members say the hardware is incapable of 720p, only in combination with a quad-core CPU. http://forum.xda-dev...26#post40777426 Wikipedia seems to think so as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_%28system_on_chip%29 So... any chance of getting 720p video on these devices? Is there a possibility devs could find a way around this, or is this a no-go?
  6. Errr... maybe the link you posted as a guide to follow? lol I'll try again later tonight. Edit: it seems to have worked! Edit2: so step by step, if others are interested: -enable USB debugging on the phone -connect the phone to your PC -on the pc, browse to a folder with adb.exe -shift+right click in this folder, choose to open a cmd window in this location -type (or paste with right mouse click) "adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db settings.db" and press enter -open the settings.db file you just pulled (the file will be located in the same folder on your pc), with SQLite Browser. -go to "browse data" and select the table "secure". -click "new record", a blank row will appear at the bottom of the table. -double click on the blank "name" field and input "wifi_idle_ms" (without quotes). -double click on the "value" field and input the timeout you want, in milliseconds (ie: "60000" for 1 minute). -click save. Close SQLite Browser -open the cmd window again (same principle) and type (or paste) "adb push settings.db /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db" and press enter. -restart phone & disconnect the cable
  7. Not working either. I get "adb: not found" Just to make sure: the phone is connected through USB, debug mode turned on. I open CMD in a folder with adb.exe (i use the same folder i used to install the twrp recovery). I type "adb shell". I get a # on a new line. I type "su" and enter, but nothing changes, i type the line you quoted above, and i get "adb: not found".
  8. Yeah... that helps me one step further, but i get stuck immediately after. When i type... busybox cp /dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.settings/settings.db /sdcard/settings.db i get... cp: can't stat 'busybox cp /dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.settings/settings.db' no such file or directory Edit: nevermind; i downloaded "wifi sleep free" which is an app that lets you set the time-out as well. I'll test this out first before bothering people any further. Things never work like you want them to anyway, so this is a bit too much of a hastle if you are not familiar with stuff like this.
  9. That explains a lot, but these instructions don't work for me. When i'm in CMD prompt, and type "adb shell", i get a message that it is not a valid command. Phone is in USB debug mode. It's the same problem i had trying to install twrp recovery, which then was solved clicking the .cmd file in the folder. But that doesn't help me here of course. Is there an other way to change the code in the settings file? The guy in your link said he made an app, but it costs €4 and doesn't seem to work for a lot of people. Is it possible using the terminal in this ROM? Or can it be flashed somehow?
  10. Very happy with this ROM but i've noticed battery drain is worse (it drains faster) than on LiquidNext previously. In fact, even on SmartassV2 (which i used on LN as well) it doesn't seem to do much if any better than the stock ROM. I've also noticed wifi stays on even when the screen is off, even though in my wifi settings it says to sleep when screen is turned off. Might be the reason why battery drain isn't what i hoped? Or is it because LN used an undervolted kernel? And is that possible with this ROM to undervolt the kernel? And does it make the phone less stable? (EDIT: wifi does turn off after a while, just have to wait a bit). Still curious about the camera app in this ROM compared to stock. Seems to perform equally (bad) as the stock camera, but maybe the camcorder is improved? Is metal camera better and can we flash it (see previous post of mine)?
  11. Seems to be running great. My GF (for whom i installed this ROM) is very happy after her first day of use. Says the phone is much faster and responsive. I put CPU on Smartass V2 and ranging from the lowest to one notch above standard (882MHz?), i always used these settings when running LiquidNext in the past, which gave great battery life for me. I also installed Swype, which seems to be responsive enough and after all the apps are installed (including maps, flash, playstore, whatsapp...) there is still over 150 of 200 MB free of internal storage. I partitioned 1GB as EXT on the SD card and set a swap of 64MB (though it wasn't really needed imo with 512MB RAM), since the standard was at 32. I used an 8GB class 10 card. I also love the power widget which, like LiquidNext, lets you set conditions for 3G/2G/Wifi use. When Wifi is on, turn off 3G. When wifi is off, turn off sync... etc. If anybody knows if an app like this exists for non-rooted devices (and i mean which lets you set these conditions, not just the buttons), let me know. Stuff like that should be standard imo. PS: one question, which is the standard camera? Is it still the same as the stock? Or is it improved, and if so, how? Could i flash the liquid metal camera app? Or is the one in this ROM better?
  12. Thanks dude, i just needed to click that file, i was trying to run CMD and navigate to the folder "cd-wise" and run it from there... didn't work. Thanks for the help! PS: if i try to verify before install, it says failed... i hope it won't give problems installig without verification. PPS: no problems
  13. I can't get TWRP installed... I've seen youtube vids that let you download goomanager from the store, but i can't find this in the google play store even though the phone is rooted. Probably only for newer Android versions? I also tried with fastboot from my PC, but i can't get that to work either. When i open CMD and type fastboot devices... he can't find the phone. In my current recovery, there is no "fastboot" option... Edit: i'm doing this from the same pc i used to install malez, so drivers should already be installed and i put the phone in debug mode...
  14. Thanks, somehow missed that in the OP :/ When partitioning the SD card, anything i should keep in mind? When i previously tried to move certain apps with Link2SD to the SD card, it said i needed an extra partition on the SD card, set as "primary" i believe? But "EASEUS partition master" says Windows will only recognize the first primary partition. Or do i better just do this in the recovery instead in advance? But which partition should i make the largest (for storing files, like pictures/music/...) and which one smaller (for apps) if Windows only sees the first partition? I guess The first "primary" has to be the large one for storage, and the small one as second partition.
  15. Some help/info please: It's been nearly 18 months since i flashed LiquidNext on this, so i'm a bit rusty. Since then i put it back to stock ROM because i gave it to my girlfriend... but she thinks it's a tad slow and she's running out of space (even with L2SD, though i haven't partitioned the SD card in two parts as L2SD suggest to be able to move apps such as flash), so i ordered a 8GB class 10 micro SD card off ebay and will try this. But i need some, quick guidance (since, like i said, i'm a bit rusty). Do i rename this to "update.zip", go into recovery and whipe all individually before flashing? Will the recovery (Malez) i used for LN work for this as well? I have a 512MB RAM version, so won't need swap, but do i have to partition the SD card in a certain way, in order to be able to move all the large apps to SD (see above)? Or does the ROM handle that, like SDman did on LN? And is the metal camera app installed on this ROM? Thanks in advance. If this has been covered in a specific walkthrough already, or a different topic, feel free to slap me an point it out.
  16. recently reinstalled the stock Rom after using liquidnext for over a year, because I gave it to my girlfriend and LN still crashed too often for someone who doesn't know how to handle it. phone is still rooted, deinstalled bloatware with titanium backup, installed link2sd, adfree etc installed all the software she needs... but the only problem is the weak camera and camcorder app... camcorder only 7fps... so is there a way to flash the metal camera app for the stock 2.2 Rom? I found a topic with a dead link by Vache, so, no help there.
  17. Since installing the update, the phone has been acting up, freezing, not wanting to make calls, and the battery indicator is messed up, needing to reboot. After reboot my phone tells me i have 10% more battery than before. I have no idea what Acer is trying to do, but they are only making it worse. I've ordered my Xiaomi Mi2, so this sucker is going on ebay in a couple of weeks. Good riddance.
  18. Bluetooth isn't fixed so i don't know what has changed, maybe one of the programmers here can take a look at the zipfile. PS: if i recall, changing the language on the swipe keyboard was done via a button with a world icon. Now you change the language by pressing and holding down spacebar.
  19. So the update was done successfully, It's still Android 4.0.3, Kernel 3.0.13, but the build number has changed to that in the title. I don't know what the update is about, i'll check if the bluetooth is fixed later. If anybody wants access to the zip file, i will put it on my dropbox for LIMITED TIME (a week, maybe a bit longer). You can find it HERE. Edit: bluetooth still worthless.
  20. Got a notification today that there is a new system update... but i haven't got it to work. I download it, but when it reboots it freezes and i have to remove the battery. After booting next, i get the notification that the update didn't work. This is on a NOT rooted phone. So two reasons for this topic. To inform some of you who might not get this update notification on a rooted phone but are interested in it nevertheless. And to ask if other people got the same error and if they found a solution for it. Hopefully this fixes the bluetooth issues. BTW, this is a European phone, maybe the software version of the update is different in other regions. Edit: when the system reboots it hangs at a green android with a red ! triangle. i accidentally pushed vol-up, and i can see a recovery menu. Apparently, it doesn't find my SD card... "failed to mount... invalid argument". I also tried to perform the update without an SD card, but he won't allow that and says i need an SD card. Could this be due to the ROM memory of the phone being split up that the update doesn't know where to look? Edit2: If i just download the update without installing, there is a long zipfile with a lot of numbers in the filename in a folder "fota_dn". If i chose to install the update, but take out the SD card after the install fails but before the phone reboots (i shut down the phone of course), this file is gone, and there is a file "update.zip" in a different folder, namely "acer_ug". Both should be the update file because they are the same filesize as the update menioned (27,2 MB). So the file is indeed on my SD card, but the recovery system doesn't seem to be able to find it. I think it has something to do with the 4GB of phone memory being split into two, and has the system check the internal 2nd partition instead of the SD card. Edit3: I tried to manually copy the zipfile to the root of the SD card and the root of the 2nd phone partition, also in a folder called "acer_ug" on the second phone partition... but no use. The recovery menu let's me navigate to the SD card to install the update, but it litterally says "E: failed to mount /sdcard (invalid argument)". Any ideas? It also let's me update from cache, but that folder i can't access from my computer i think so i can't copy the zipfile there... Edit4: i installed a smaller (2GB) SD card, formatted it from the phone, and now it's performing the update... fingers crossed!
  21. Bluetooth is a joke. Using this phone handsfree in a car is no-go. That's vital to me. Apparently this has been reported to Acer two months ago, but when you contact customer service, they seem to be clueless about the problem as well as about when a possible software update might come. Other phones with the same chipsets do not have the same issues. So it's a software issue, easily corrected, but Acer doesn't seem to think it's important enough of a feature.
  22. Have you charged the battery for 8 hours the first time as explained in the manual? Make sure GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, Wifi... aren't running when they don't need to be. Make sure no heavy apps are secretly running in the background. Test the phone for a couple of days (let it deplete, and charge 100%), i think Android needs to adjust to your battery. The amount shown might not be the actual amount used. If all this doesn't work, your device is probably bust. Which wouldn't surprise me. Honestly, i don't get all the good reviews this phone is getting, because vital stuff doesn't seem to be working. I'm going to try and resell the phone as soon as i get another one. Currently eyeballing the Xiaomi Mi Two.
  23. Hello, i read from Jaarvin (other topic "phonebook bluetooth") that the bluetooth is now working properly on his phone with this ROM. Can you please tell which modifications you made to that?
  24. That's great. Can you control music on your phone from your steering wheel as well? (See other bluetooth thread). And is it possible to just copy the bluetooth file (apk?) to the stock ROM after rooting? I'm quite happy with the stock ROM and after having had LiquidNext on my Acer Liquid E for more than a year, i really don't need the random freezes and shut downs of a custom ROM anymore. If this is possible, can anyone tell me which files to replace? Also, if i root the phone, can i still receive acer updates if i keep the stock rom except for the bluetooth software file?
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