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  1. Out of curiosity, what's your new toy? If you don mind I ask... :) Regards and thanks again for the work you've done for our Blades.
  2. Thanks again Konsta for another great Rom. By the way is there any solution for the MMS issue? (not being able to send MMS) I've allready tried some solutions to the problem, but no success.
  3. Hi Konsta I didn't have the chance to flash the rom on the weekend, but today I did (1706). Two questions that may allready have been answered. On the previous build (1406) I couldn't connect wifi (remember?) even after formating system... Now it works, but I have an exclamation mark on the status bar icon - What does it mean? Also I can't download anything from Market, is sits there "downloading" but nothing happens. Apart from that and Titanium Backup allways fc's everything is working, fast and smooth. Regards Sal [Edit] Titanium Backup is working. I've downloaded it to pc and installed via Astro File Manager.
  4. Yeah, did wipe Dalvik (only). But as I said, I'll give it another go later today or tomorrow. Thanks for you prompt reply.
  5. Hi KonstaT, Another great ROM. Tried it yesterday, but there were 3 slight problems, no wifi,theme option and clock allways FC'd. Opening Wifi settings the slider to enable/disable wifi was greyed out, so no option to turn it on. Is this a complete noob on my part, or is a known issue with the rom? On the other hand it was very smooth, fast and Anyways, i'm back to SS RLS7, but will try again this one on the weekend. Regards Sal
  6. Great work, again form de devs! A suggestion: can anyone make a TPT instalation package? It would be great and should clear up things a bit, because almost half the posts on this thread are asking "how much space do I need" or from people who did not read the first post and are stucked on bootloops because they haven't enough space... Again, awesome work Tilal, Sej & Co.
  7. Thinking of buying one. So far my blade is running as it should Swedish Snow RLS7 (Android 2.3.5) and no problems whatsoever. Really hoping that devs take a closer look on this one, it might be a great test platform.
  8. I would like to give this ROM a try! Need to know what are the requirements for /system and /data? Keep up the good work :rolleyes: Also first post should be updated, don't you think?
  9. Thank you Tllal for your continued efforts in keeping us (blade owners) up to date on the most recent Android rom's. Hope everything sorts out well for you. Regards
  10. Hi all! I've been using RLS5 since KonstaT released it, and it goes smoooohtly. Today i've had my first reboot, never had one on previous releases. It happened during a call, but I think it was because the phone was running low on battery. Apart from this, it is a great Rom, as with all others by KonstaT, to whom I wish all the best and desiring that he keeps the good work. Thanks again KonstaT Sal
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