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  1. Stick to cm7.2 (eco cm7 is the best). After a lot of experimentation with the various cm9 and cm10 roms I went back, because like you, my main usage is with texting and what almost nobody seems to mention is that the lag using any keyboard on cm9 or cm10 is infuriating, especially coming from the super smooth stock gingerbread keyboard on cm7. The text prediction on the jb keyboard is excellent but still not a trade-off. Sure the UI is great and its certainly better looking than cm7 but with the keyboard issue and with apps like youtube and fm radio not working and the constant RAM hogging, I gave up on cm10 a few weeks back and I'm sticking with the hassle free low maintenance CM7 for the foreseeable future. Our blades werent built to handle ICS or jellybean unfortunately.
  2. This thing just flies. Thank you jventura. Here's a stripped down LatinIME.apk GB keyboard, english only, in case anyone's interested. http://www.mediafire.com/?rsuhb8mn8c5953c My SMS notification ringtone isn't working. Anybody else with that problem?
  3. Rename LatinIME.apk as LatinIME.zip. Unzip the file, remove all the dictionaries you dont need. Close the modified zip file and rename it LatinIME.apk and you're golden.
  4. I belong to the GB camp myself. gingerbread just feels more polished than ICS. The app drawer and homescreen scrolling are, dare i say it buttery smooth, in the ICS roms but everything else feels sluggish. Transitions are fairly stuttery, the keyboard is laggy and app and settings launching isnt the quickest. Not to mention waking the phone up from sleep takes a while too. I'm sure some of that is down to memory management. Even after trying the latest burstlam and Konsta roms I find myself reverting back to GB.
  5. I flashed sej's kernel and battery life was slightly worse. Didn't test it extensively.
  6. On the contrary I've been on the 20 apr nightly with the original kernel for a week now and I've found battery to be exceptional with wifi on.
  7. Please post back with your results with that build. If you're looking for barebones, maybe cm7 isn't the build for you. Have you tried wbaw's stock gingerbread or the aosp build? They'll both certainly trump cm7 at battery life but performance takes a hit. What I like most about cm7 are all the options with the settings so I don't see myself using any other rom long term, unless cm9 incorporates these settings too and somebody sets up a fair, polite forum without all the mudslinging.
  8. Its actually got all the cm7 features intact including cm7 settings coz it's based on an official build. The iPhone skin is irritating though yeah.
  9. Better by about 25 percent better than any other cm7 I'd say. Of course it's very subjective. People found coldfusionx to be good for battery life but I didnt. I have the internet on all the time I use my phone, but not everybody else does. Give it a go if you're curious.
  10. I've tried the 19 Mar / 20 mar with the old new kernel. Joyos is better. Don't remember seeing a 26 Mar sej build actually. Do you happen to have a link?
  11. You're right. I've been on JoyOS for two and a half days now and i recharged it for the first time last night. Simply crushes any other CM7 based rom when it comes to battery life. Its based on CM7.1 stable release however and security issues are still unanswered so I'm not sure I'm going to be using this for too long. It does beg the question, why cant CM7.2 be as gentle on battery?
  12. Could you install Better Battery Stats or Cpu Spy to see if the phone deep sleeps? Do you have a constant internet connection? Can you wake your phone by pressing the hardware buttons? There are a fair number of people here with battery issues but its not universal so its evident in only certain usage scenarios. I have unusual battery usage too but not as high as you. I'm freezing most of my apps to see if it gets sorted and if not i'll do a full wipe later tonight.
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