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  1. As far I can see, in my mobile less than 12 hours, with not a heavy use and 3G data activated. It is not too good because with WM and same usage the battery last almost two days. :angry: Since last week I am having a few problems to recharge the battery from the USB port. It come a message telling: The USB port energy capacity has been overtake, unplug the device and plug it again. I am feeling that android will reduce the battery capacity very fast. Thanks
  2. Now I tryed the new file and the headset are working very well. Like you say the first reboot took longer but after that it is working fine.:rolleyes: Good job. Many thanks
  3. I had reboot 3 times already and still not working. I have tried with the original headset and with another headset and still not worinkg. Yes the file cm_o2_update.tar.gz dissapeared after reboot Thanks
  4. Hi, I tried the headset fix update and still not sound in the headset. All the sound are coming from the phone speaker :huh:
  5. I don't know exactly, but I plug the headphone to the mobile and try to make a call and the sound is coming from the main speaker and when I play music is doing same, no sound in the headphone. It is nice to have the battery icon showing the percentage of battery left because we have a lot of battery drain and it is easier to check the battery remaining. Thanks
  6. HI, Headphones Bug??? Head phone is not working. When I am playing music or videos the sound is still coming from the phone speaker. How I can change the battery icon? Before I have numbers and its showing the % battery left. Great job
  7. I have same problem with mobileVOIP, Viber and Skupe, no one is working, Its look like there isn't enough RAM memory and androd shut down the app. Thanks
  8. Hi I don't know why but after I delete the files and folders you told me my mobile it working a lot better. The battery doesn't drain so fast and now I can charge the battery until 100%. Before it was until 98% and never said battery full. Thanks
  9. Hi I have installed a few times android in my phone and also changed a few files several times. Could I delete any of this files or folders? o2beta (folder) o2update (folder) ext4.tar.gz frb2update.sh frb2update.txt log.txt startup.txt update.txt Maybe it is a stupid cuestion....LOL Thanks
  10. Hi I am having troubles with app like Viber and Skype. When I try to open the app the phone get frozen and I have to reset the phone. Does anyone have the same problems? Thanks
  11. Hello, Could I improve the speed for Android if I install the latest ROM in the link above? My ROM is: PDA: B7610NXXIK3 CSC: B7610NTPHIK3 PHONE: B7610XXIK1 Thanks
  12. Hi, Does have anyone the app Viber working? I installed it but I can not answer the calls. It become to be very slow and the phone get frozen and shut down the call. Thanks
  13. Hi, I was searching on the forum and on google but I can't find if it is possible to have internet from the PC to the moblile omnia B7610 with android Froyo. I want to plug the mobile to the laptop by USB cable and have intenet from the laptop to the mobile. They call it USB Reverse Tethering. I know there is a few App to have the internet from the mobile to the laptop but I want the other way. I don't have a 3g data connection on the mobile and because on omnia B7610 th bluetooh and the Wife are not working yet I can not have internet on the mobile. Before with wm 6.5 I was able to have internet in the phone with active sync. I am using Windows 7. Is there any solution about it? Thanks
  14. Hi, sorry for wasting your time. I was almost 2 hours searching about this problem. It make me crazy. I installed Samsung Kies. I installed JAVA JDK. I installed Android SDK and still can not solve the issue. Now I thought I will try to plug the phone to another computer to see if it ask me about the drivers and it started to install the phone hardware. I cancelled the installation and I try againg with the firs computer and IT STARTED TO INSTAL THE DRIVERS. Now the phone is full connected by USB Sorry but it mad me crazy. Many thanks
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