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  1. Great ROM pinguy! CWM works great I have successfully restore an ext4 backup with it and I love the blue theme. Only major isuse is WiFi. If this is a known issue I would be great if the fix was released as a patch when available because I love 43b otherwise! Another non ROM bug is the cool supplied gtalk (that has video and voice!) does not show status properly. Who produces this version of talk (I've a seen few versions out there)? (I'll bug there thread :P )
  2. Hey I have tried this link and successfully restored to the ext partition, e2fsck reported no errors :D. I was using ext4, don't know about the other ext versions. @Tecnolover is this why you have marked the download above as depreciated? Is there a chance it was just your card was about to die anyway? Anyway I'm happy :D Edit: By the way I'm using the 2GB card that came with the phone.
  3. Any body got this working yet (and stable) . I just want an app that will record the person I'm talking to internally with out using loud speaker!
  4. @TechnoLover Any chance of getting CIFSmanager to work? Still get no such device. If it is working I apologise.
  5. Download this zip http://www.vftrack.com/RecoveryMT-2.2.zip extract it someware. Plug your phone in to PC Run install_recovery.cmd Turn your phone into debug mode as it says When you see List of devices attached There should be a number underneath if not you can manually put the phone into the right mode with Bootloader Mode Could you edit and delete you quote it's a bit big (and it's clear what your asking).
  6. - 800 Mhz kernel Doesn't stock have an 800 kernel? - All system .apk's optimized How? - Optimized lowmemkiller settings What's that .1600Mhz Boot + battery with 1% step (framework with 100 battery icons inside), thanx TechnoLover cool .800Mhz Boot Is this what comes with the base t&l zip? What are the main performance features aside from removing apps from /system/app/ ? (before you install 1600Mhz boot etc)
  7. /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.android.apps.maps/testdata/voice/<your local>/voice_instructions.zip contains realistic voice in .ogg files without the street names for google navigation. When you enable the two apk you get pico in navigation. Anybody know how to force the sdcard voice file's back on? It now plays Pico in navigation rather than the .oggs without my consent :( At least in t&l I can toggle this by removing TtsService.apk but that is still annoying. Android users all over the net are reporting this issue. Also do you really need to nandroid the all deleted stock app zip? copying the files to /system/app/ seems to work, is that ok?
  8. If I have a phone setup the way I want (but without an account on it) can I use the nandriod backup made from it on another liquid metal without it inheriting phone specific settings? (say I want to give the mod to a friend with a liquid metal). I know the nandoid folder has the phone IMEI and then its subfolder has the date but does IMEI information etc get restored or is it just for visual reference (does renaming the two folders following nandroid/ change the restore?)? I'm using 2.2
  9. Ah thanks so I was fully backing my phone up all a long (I didn't have links2SD at the time). I thought someone said it would backup ext partitions on the phone, I was mistaken.
  10. Could someone confirm this to me: In 2.2 is the + ext option meaning it will back up the link2sd partition on your SD card or something else? In other words it it a useless option if you don't have ext on your SD card?
  11. Dose this very cool kernel work with CIFS Manager at this point?
  12. AreI there any market apps that it would be advantageous to install from the t_l_Metal_2.3.6_13_Stock_App.zip rather than afresh from the market? I'm mainly wondering if they would inherit customized Acer settings for example.
  13. I'm not sure if I like the way google manages my contacts and I've had a habit of separating email contacts from phone (I mean I can access the gmail app if I want). Would anybody suggest a better alternative to Acersync? or is that the best/only. If I had so much as something that let me save to phone and send whats on the phone to a Vcard on my PC with out forcing me to go to the cloud I'd be happy. Or a fancy PC suite.
  14. Ok interesting so on phone contacts is a third party thing. Thanks very much!
  15. Ah of course. Also I can't add contacts to phone only google contacts? Is phone contacts an Acer thing? (I really want it back) I haven't partitioned my SD yet for link2SD is it required for phone contact's to work?
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