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  1. Note2 will not be getting cm10? why? can u provide the link for this discussion. This is the main reason I am buying note 2 to run paranoid rom otherwise I will go for note 1.
  2. Today, I gave my phone to dell people (it was totally dead) and they agreed to replace that but in how many days, 3 months, yeah they said 3 months. What's wrong with these guys? are they insane or they are going to make ZTE to built a new phone for me from scratch? Well, missing my toy.. ah, my blade.... going to switch to Galaxy Note, now. :(
  3. Please help! it has stopped Flashing red LED.... :( .... nothing is happening while pressing power /+ Vol- /+ Menu...
  4. After a bad flash, my blade (Dell xcd35 gen2) went bricked, First it was sticking on the green droid but when I flashed a gen2 TPT (used TPT method), Tpt remained at 0% with blue error msges (Error! Error! ....3-4 times)......... When I rebooted back, now, only red LED turns on, no green logo (blank screen)..... I cant check usb as I dont have cable now, but can anybody tell me what might have went wrong? Have I made it permanently bricked? Is method 5 the only solution now? I have tried multiple TPTs with different SD cards. but no luck.
  5. I have TPTed my phone with gen3-v2a with recovery After that when I am flashing touch recovery via CWM recovery (from zip).....its going into the old recovery instead of new touch recovery after rebooting system.... why? Whats wrong with me? Please answer. After flashing the rom, was able to install.
  6. arpit22x

    [APP] TPT Helper

    I am on first time to TPT my phone, have a question: Can I take a nandroid backup of installed rom before TPT and restore it back after TPT? Using TPTHelper, when creating a custom TPT, it always fails to unzip but when I check my image directory, files are there match the md5. Should I go on or what to do?
  7. play shows device not compatible for s2E. Can any body provide the apk, please?
  8. @mickeystar, how did it work? I am struggling though.
  9. @Snap.IT, With the old wpa_supplicant, device is able to detect the ad-hoc connection but stuck at 'connecting' or 'obtaining ip address'
  10. Thanks for the reply but with the new wpa_supplicant, I am totally unable to turn wifi on..... it stays at 'turning wifi on' with the on/off button remains greyed. Rebooting didn't help.
  11. Thanx KonstaT....... Rom is wonderful..... I installed this ROM yesterday. I have a problem in connecting to the wifi hotspot. When I share my broadband using ad-hoc/wap/wap2-personal (tried in windows7 as well as in ubuntu) in my laptop and try to connect my blade, the status always stuck at 'obtaining ip address'. Any solution to this please?. This is the problem with cm9, as far I know, but please suggest some app. Is it possible to share internet via USB?
  12. I can't find a stop watch in cm9, can anybody help me out?

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