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  1. Could someone that has installed it, please make a list of what's working and what's not?
  2. Hello everyone. Is there any tool for calibrating the screen? Mine lost sensitivity on the top and bottom and is also affecting the menu buttons. thanks.
  3. Does this mean I'm the only one experiencing this? :wacko:
  4. Hi guys. Every now and then my phone's lower buttons (home, search, etc) stop responding. I've linked this behaviour to two situations. One is intensive use, like GPS for instance. When it's functioning as GPS for more than just a few minutes it requires some time to get responsive again after exiting GPS app (a reboot will also work..). Also - and I know this is weird - I've noticed that this happens more when it's internal memory is close to full. Does anyone have this issue too? PS - This happens with both stock and custom roms.
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