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  1. after trying for few hours...finally got wifi connected
  2. it seems like somehow it is back to normal. but im unable to connect using wifi
  3. i don't think so. ICS is still abit laggy even running on htc incredicle S with 1Gb processor with 765Mb of RAM.
  4. does it has stock rom function like miss call or incoming sms when the phone is locked? i found out that when press menu button the applications will show force close.
  5. here you go http://vache-android.com/?dir=Smartphones/S120/
  6. here are the screen shots. but i'm not able to swap between internal & external stoarage. for more info can refer to http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/31607-script-change-sdcard-and-tf-card/ original 5.52gb (8gb) after switched, Internal Storage became 14.83GB
  7. this tread has just saved me....:lol:
  8. hi vache...do u have Acer_4.000.13.AAP.GEN2 bin file?
  9. yeah...reboot does make the % change till 100%..sometimes have to plug in the cable again then it will continue charging...but after a while % never increases...izzit a bug or wat?
  10. i have problem charging my acer smartphone....battery still keep on charging for whole day but it still showing the same charging percentage...i did wipe battery stat b4 i restore the t&l i backp up earlier...pls help
  11. i'm able to flash Gingerounay 3.0 using amonra recovery 2.2 with signature check disabled....
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