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  1. for me too with contact and touch :P
  2. works good And the song "get lucky" is great :P
  3. Romu_Android

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    yes, normally
  4. Romu_Android

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    hi ! the rom is good but i have many reboots..
  5. Romu_Android

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    rom is up
  6. Romu_Android

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    new update today
  7. A brick ? Why ? The Rom boot normally... And I see no reason why the phone would be brick...finally it is only my opinion..
  8. As stated kyan, CM7 = Gingerbread, it is not comparable to CM10.1 because CM7 is exceeded dare I say ..
  9. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/09/1361884997-screenshot-20130226-131546.png
  10. I test and the rom works i take screenshots now
  11. new release coming soon with cm7 in english !

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