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  1. Hey wacky, the whole tutorial is gone ? Could you repost your excellent FAQ plz .... xa4
  2. OK, thx man .. I'll go on with Cyanogen then ...
  3. Thx for this great tutorial. I have a Medion P4310 and I managed to install clockwork and superuser, but now I have some questions : * How can I backup and restore a system app like "Medion navigation app" after installing a new ROM. With Titanium Backup you need the pro version to activate "system app migration" to do so. I guess I'll have to pay for the pro version, but the migration option is experimental. Does anyone have experience with this ? * How can I install the kernel module "tun.ko" for cisco anyconnect vpn ? The tun.ko installer app on the market didn't recognize my Medion Phone. I could install Cyanogenmod and use openvpn, but before I do so, see question above. I need cisco anyconnect or openvpn to connect to the university WIFI. Actually, I don't understand why vpn-connections are so difficult with android phones, while its no problem with Iphones. Maybe its fixed in ICS ?

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