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  1. I'm pretty sure I am only blanking FB1 not FB2 which is hdmi. Our panel file is here. I am hoping you can point me to the "console autoblanking." I would like to make sure I do not have that enabled. I will dig into the pwm backlight data also and report back if that fixes anything. Thanks for the help. fosser2 EDIT: from the looks of it my ".check_fb" function is the same as yours.
  2. Scanno, Just wondering if you have built CM10.1 recently, and if so has your system ui crashed? It seems like CM pushed something new that has broken Xoom and similar tegra2 tablets. fosser2 EDIT: nvm I got the issue fixed. You will have to patch your CM10.1 build if you did not already do so. https://github.com/redeyedjedi/android_device_smba_common/commit/e1c3e25c2f19235c7ae8fc7da74aacdd49b739f8
  3. Well from my tests the "crash" seems to have been cured. Great job with that! I'm not sure if all the i2c issues are lib related or kernel related, my guess is the latter. I guess I'll have to mess w/ my i2c even more... I was able to get display and it slept fine though as you can see from the logs. ADB: http://pastebin.com/deXcMUA6 SERIAL: http://pastebin.com/ZWNEM4k5
  4. ejtagle, Sorry, I should get around to testing this soon. I am mid-move as I just got a new job. Thanks for the work and I'm looking forward to testing it! fosser2
  5. Does this crash happen on the vega too like I posted? I don't actually try to resume my tablet when this crash happens. As soon as I put it to sleep while on hdmi is when everything errors. It never makes it into LP1 while on hdmi.
  6. Ejtagle, I tried out the new HWC and although hardware decoding still works I'm having the same issues with HDMI. ADB: http://pastebin.com/wJkasPxp (at 16:10:01.341 I pushed sleep button) Serial: http://pastebin.com/t11uHjiw Scanno: we seem to have sleep working (without HDMI) on our tablet. From this log you can see that my tablet enters and exits LP1 as it should. We are having other users tablets SOD though. Their last_kmsg files look similar to the following. http://pastebin.com/9xd96dVz
  7. ejtagle, I'm wondering what happens when you guys have hdmi plugged into your tablet and you try to sleep it. Our tablet surfaceflinger crashes because of gralloc.tegra.so. Was gralloc patched also for 4.2? Below is the crash. ADB: http://pastebin.com/v15a0WGP SERIAL: http://pastebin.com/dx0Xb23Y I believe it is a lib issue related to the gralloc. As for the IRQ issue in the serial file, I believe this is caused from some i2c settings. I'm not overly concerned about that right now because I'm pretty sure they are 2 separate issues. Lastly HDMI does output as well as hdmi audio. Just likes to crash when someone attempts to sleep w/ hdmi plugged in.
  8. That's what I thought thanks :) EDIT: I'm attempting to figure out where the libcamera drivers you guys are using originated from. If you could point me to them it would be a great help. Thanks! EDIT2: Does the vega have hdmi and how is that working? I switched over to your libs yesterday and I lost the video portion of hdmi (I still have audio over hdmi). EDIT3: After renaming hwcomposer.tegra_v0.so to hwcomposer.tegra.so hdmi is back and working. I'm wondering if you guys have that lib named incorrectly (just a heads up)
  9. Hey ejtagle, I'm wondering what the function of the file "board-shuttle-bootinfo.c" is. I'm trying to figure out if it will help our tablet or if its just for debugging purposes. Thanks!
  10. Ohh, ok thanks for that. Great to know! EDIT: I was wondering if there was an "official" list of NEEDED libs and how you tested all of them to see if they worked. I really don't want to have to do this if its been done before. :)
  11. Hey ejtagle, I'm just wondering where you guys got your prop. files from? Just yesterday I redownloaded the Ventana ICS image and dumped the libs out of that. I then hex compared them to mine and they were the same. Since our libs are different I was wondering where you got them because obviously they aren't from the Ventana ICS image.
  12. I guess there are 2 reasons I'm asking that. One the xoom only has nvrm_avp.bin and none of the other ones. Secondly I kept our original nvrm_avp.bin and deleted the rest of the files. Video still worked just fine, HD/SD. So I'm just kind of curious myself. Hopefully this "bug" will help solve the issues you've had with some of the vegas not sleeping.
  13. Is there any other known working nvrm_avp.bin files that I could try? The issue seems to lie within that file. I also removed the other 7 files and it doesn't seem like they are used at all. Could you tell me their function? Lastly I tried the Xoom nvrm_avp.bin file but that broke youtube and videos. Sleep did work though.... This seems to be a pretty touchy issue since we are dealing w/ these bins. EDIT: you can tell on startup of the tablet AVP is initialized. It seems the main difference between playing an actual video file and AVP on startup is the following: <6>avp_svc_thread: AVP seems to be down; wait for kthread_stop <6>avp_svc_thread: exiting <6>avp_uninit: avp teardown done Any thoughts on why AVP appears to be crashing on unload? EDIT2: here is what we did to "fix" the problem for now... https://github.com/redeyedjedi/android_device_smba1002/commit/571e2a015d6b4593995f5a458d470cd969f6fbcd
  14. Well... you are very right... I diffed our 8 avp related bins nvrm_avp.bin nvrm_avp_0ff00000.bin nvrm_avp_8e000000.bin nvrm_avp_9e000000.bin nvrm_avp_00001000.bin == nvrm_avp_be000000.bin nvrm_avp_e0000000.bin == nvrm_avp_eff00000.bin We had 2 the same and 6 different. I swapped out all 8 for the ones on scanno's git and like magic sleep is working... I'm just happy its finally working again :) I really really appreciate the help you guys are on this thread! EDIT: guess not... Ok this might sound crazy but I have to watch a video FIRST before I attempt to sleep my tablet. If I reboot my tablet and put it to sleep right away it does the sleep loop. As soon as I watch a video and then sleep its fine until I restart again. Ejtagle do you have any thoughts on this? http://pastebin.com/LcmkjDEH Lines 1081-3250 = Before video Lines 3293-3407 = Video Lines 3409-3493 = SLEEP Line 3499 = Proof it stayed in LP1
  15. The 2 options that I disabled were: CONFIG_TEGRA_AVP CONFIG_TEGRA_MEDIASERVER Without these the tablet sleeps just fine, but obviously has no video... Here is a link to our current configuration minus those 2 options above. https://github.com/fosser2/android-tegra-nv-3.1.10-rel-15r7/blob/experimental/arch/arm/configs/tegra_smba1002_defconfig
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